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Ultraljuds periodontala behandlingar Vector Paro

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Product description

Vector Paro and Vector Paro Pro ultrasound devices, for periodontal treatment, recall, prophylaxis, and periimplantitis treatment. With axial movement.

  • Ref. 267-2031-50   Vector Paro with exclusive handpiece for periodontal treatment.
  • Ref. 267-2031-51   Vector Paro Pro with 2 handpieces. Periodontal (ref. 267-2031-50) and Scaler (ref. 267-2032-50)

Safe, gentle, and protective: The Vector principle

Sonic and ultrasound instruments have become established in periodontal treatment as an alternative to traditional manual instruments. However, ultrasonic instruments have disadvantages as well as advantages: Often, they move elliptically, meaning that even and vibration-free work is not always possible on every single tooth surface. This can result in irritation and unwanted loss of substance on the root surface. The method thus far unrivaled, and meticulously put into practice by Dürr Dental: The Vector principle – a provably gentle and mild periodontal treatment. The ultrasound energy is accurately deflected in a linear direction. Thanks to this patented vibration deflection system, the instruments are then moved parallel to the surface of the root only. Treatment can be administered in a clinically efficient manner using ultrasound energy, causing no trauma to the patient.

Unique sensitivity of touch thanks to linear vibration deflection

With Vector Paro, you can trust in your senses when administering treatment. This is possible thanks to the unique vibration deflection system that enables the practitioner to control this highly-sensitive work with precision, because the ultrasound instruments are totally tremor-free. During the actual treatment, the quality of the surface to be treated can be controlled with a great level of sensitivity of touch. This is made possible due to the linear movement of the instrument. It ensures the very best level of work without tremor, and makes possible a level of touch sensitivity comparable with that of common diagnostic probes.

The result: clean, smooth surfaces that can only be achieved using the patented linear vibration deflection system by Dürr Dental. This process is supported and optimized by means of the polishing elements of Vector Fluid polish. Gentle treatment with Vector is the only method which allows the surgeon to distinguish between the root element and concretions. Only after a treatment with the Vector method, no significant loss of tooth substance was found (Kishida et al. 2004).

Professional tooth cleaning with the Scaler handpiece  (ref. 267-2031-51)

The new Scaler handpiece by Dürr Dental enables the highest level of professional tooth cleaning. New to the programme: delicate instruments for supra and subgingival use. The piezoceramic drive enables the efficient removal of dental plaque whilst protecting sensitive tissue structures to the greatest extent possible. The Scaler handpiece can be partially taken apart, making it especially easy to clean and disinfect.

In addition to the modern, timeless design of the device, and the new ergonomic Scaler handpiece, six high performance LED s light up even hard to access areas. The sterilisable light conductor has a very long product lifetime, and is extremely cost-effective.


  • Linear deflection of the ultrasound dynamics in the Paro handpiece
  • Instrument movement axially, parallel to the surface of the root
  • Precise 90° deflection vertically
  • Tremor-free work
  • Careful removal of biofilm, bacteria and deposits
  • Smooth, clean surfaces
  • Thorough and sensitive like no other system
  • Clear, touch and intuitive control panel
  • Super-hygienic, losed surfaces with no gaps mean that the appliance meets the highest hygiene requirements.
  • A large water tank means that there is no need for a fixed water supply.
  • Ergonomic handpiece
  • The Scaler handpiece (con ref. 267-2031-51) has 6 LEDs for improved visibility.

Periodontal treatment with Vector Paro:

  • Targeted control of causes of periodontitis
  • Gentle and effective removal of bacteria, bio-film, and tartar
  • Low-pain therapy
  • Efficient concrement removal without irritation
  • Greatest possible retention of regenerative tissue
  • Root surface cleaning right down to the bottom of the pockets
  • No damage to soft tissue or root surface
  • Effective even in anatomically difficult areas

Technical data:

  • Connection values (V/Hz):  230, 50/60
  • Working frequency (kHz):  25-35
  • Water container filling amount (ml):  600
  • Paro handpiece water consumption (ml/min):  approx. 30
  • Vector Fluid polish (μm):  average grain size: <10
  • Vector Fluid polish bag content (ml):  200
  • Dimensions (H x D x W cm):  16 x 21.5 x 25.5
  • Weight (kg):  2.5


  • Perio handpiece
  • Scaler handpiece (ref. 267-2031-51)
  • Footswitch
  • Vector Fluid Polish
  • Vector/RinsEndo disinfectant
  • Vector cleanser
  • Service-Kit
  • Steri-Box
  • Tool-Kit Perio
  • Tool-Kit Recall / Implant
  • Tool-Kit Scaler (ref. 267-2031-51)

Optional accessories:

  • Ref. 267-2032-200-00   LED for Scaler handpiece. Compatible with Vector Paro, Vector Paro Pro and Vector Scaler
  • Ref. 267-2031-700-00   Paro handpiece. Compatible with Vector Paro and Vector Paro Pro
  • Ref. 267-CWZ510C2350   Vector Fluid Polish. Polishing fluid with improved formula with hidroxylapatite 200 ml.
  • Ref. 267-CDZ501C6150   Vector / RinsEndo Disinfection. For the Vector hose system. 4 bottles x 2.5 L
  • Ref. 267-CCA531A6150   Vector cleaner Special solution for the hose system. 4 bottles x 2.5 L
  • Ref. 267-2031-450-00   Tool-Kit Paro. Box with 5 instruments for periodontal therapy
  • Ref. 267-2030-151-01E   Paro straight probe. Equivalent to a periodontal probe for surface treatment. 3 instruments
  • Ref. 267-2030-151-03E   Paro curved probe. Equivalent to a Nabers probe for surface treatment. 3 instruments
  • Ref. 267-2030-151-04E   Paro curette. Angled instrument for treating subgingival and supragingival proximal surfaces. 3 instruments
  • Ref. 267-2030-151-02E   Paro lancet. Convex and short instrument for oral and vestibular surfaces, particular CEJ, for periodontal pockets between 5 and 6 mm. 3 instruments
  • Ref. 267-2031-400-06E   Paro Plus probe. Periodontal probe for universal treatment of interproximal, oral and vestibular areas. Acces depth in approximal area up to 5 mm
  • Ref. 267-2031-460-00   Tool-Kit Recall / Impant. Box with 3 recall instruments for periodontitis and implant cleaning
  • Ref. 267-2030-153-02E   Recall CFK straight probe. Semi-flexible for the treatment of oral and vestibular areas. 3 instruments
  • Ref. 267-2030-153-05E   Recal CFK curette. Semi-flexible for treatment of proximal surface. 3 instruments
  • Ref. 267-2030-152-01E   Supra flexible probe for selective use of fluido-dynamic effect of the Vector system (cleaning and rinsing of tooth flat surface). 3 instruments
  • Ref. 267-2031-474-01E   Periimplant soft probe. Semi-flexible for gentle cleaning and rinsing of delicate implant surfaces. 3 units
  • Ref. 267-2031-473-01E   Periimplant hard probe. Cone-shaped instrument for removal of dental plaque on implant surfaces. 3 units


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