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MX-i Mikromotor

20400 kr


Product description

Micromotor MX-i.

We present the most powerful implantology micrometer on the market. With their commanders and Chiropro iChiropro L, the MX micromotor-i redefines the standards of implant dentistry. MX-i is primarily synonymous with stability. Both high and low speed, offers great comfort of work and make important interventions couple gets more reviews

 The power is constantly adapted according to the desired speed for optimum performance. The Smart Logic technology is your guarantee.

Insensitive to contact with fluids, the MX micromotor-i is machine washable and can be sterilized with cable.

Its high torque makes it the most powerful micromotor market. The power is regulated and stabilized electronically resistance function. Thanks to its electronic management really sensitive, speed is maintained throughout the operation without jerks. The MX-i micromotor is not only the most powerful micromotor implant market, it is also the lightest.


Technical Characteristics:

  • Induction Micromotor
  • 100-40.000 rpm
  • Torque 6.8 Ncm
  • Ventilated
  • Sterilizable unprotected
  • Compatible with coupling type E to ISO 3964
  • Food with specific cable


SMART LOGIC The most precise control ever achieved in a micromotor. A breakthrough electronic system controls perfectly the torque, speed and position of the instrument. Even at very low speed.

CARE FREE Thanks to their lubricated ball bearings for life, his micromotor requires no lubrication after each use. Your result is always an optimum amount of oil, a faster start-up and maintenance costs revised downward.

GOLD CONNECT Bien-Air provides its instruments in gold plated electrical contacts The result is an excellent electrical conductivity and better corrosion resistance.

SWISS MADE Only the most sophisticated techniques and the best materials possible to manufacture the best products. The Bien-Air products are designed and manufactured in the heart of Watch Valley, Switzerland. After the manufacturing, the Bien-Air products are tested individually.