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  /    /  Kompressorer, Specialområden, Tandvårdmaterial  /  Super tyst tandvårds kompressor utan olja Tornado 1 Utan tork

Super tyst tandvårds kompressor utan olja Tornado 1 Utan tork

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Product description

Dental compressor super silent Tornado 1 cylinder. The Tornado is one of the quietest compressors in dentistry, yet it is still very powerful. The highly developed compressor set is extremely quiet, and can have a calming effect on both patient and practitioner.

For decades the Tornado compressors have stood for quality at an attractive price. Efficiency was again boosted in the new model and energy consumption efficiently reduced by approx. 15 %. Good for your operating costs and environmentally friendly.

Dental compressed air must be hygienic. Moisture content must thus be kept to a minimum and contamination by oil or particles eliminated. This would jeopardise the stability of materials as well as the operation of delicate instruments. The hygienic and aseptic expectations of patients must also be met.

The membrane-drying unit on the compressor prevents moist environments becoming with breeding grounds for organisms. It not only provides constant, dry compressed air, but also provides a continuous supply of power that does not need to be interrupted. The low pressure condensation point ensures hygienic, tasteless and odourless compressed air.


  • Ref. 267-5180-01   Compressor Tornado 1 without membrane-drying unit
  • Ref. 267-5182-01   Compressor Tornado 1 with membrane-drying unit
  • Ref. 267-5185-01   Compressor Tornado 1 with noise reduction hood without membrane-drying unit
  • Ref. 267-5186-01   Compressor Tornado 1 with noise reduction hood and membrane-drying unit


  • Oil-free, dry, hygienic. Extraordinary quality of dental air
  • One of the quietest of its kind
  • Antibacterial inner tank coating
  • For the models with membrane-drying unit, the most modern technique of dry air thanks to the patented membrane technology that allows a continuous service 100%
  • Faster drying
  • Low maintenance, only requires an annual filter change
  • Very reliable thanks to the closed crankcase
  • Hygienic, taste and odourless compressed air
  • Less comsumption, more efficiency
  • Made in Germany

Technical characteristics:

  • Voltage: 230V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Cylinders: 1
  • Flow rate at 5 bar: 67 l/min
  • Tank capacity: 20 L
  • Pressure range: 6-7.8 bar
  • Noise level: 64 dB
  • Noise level in the cabinet: 54 dB
  • Dimensions without membrane-drying unit (H x W x D): 66 x 48 x 37 cm
  • Dimensions with membrane-drying unit  (H x W x D): 66 x 49 x 43 cm
  • Weight without dryer: 32 Kg
  • Weight with dryer: 37 Kg

Optional accessories:

  • Ref. 267-5180-980-60   Set of fine filters for Tornado 1 and 2 (Includes all the filters for the group and the membrane-drying unit)
  • Ref. 267-5180-980-61   Set of sterile filters for Tornado 1 and 2 (Includes all the filters for the group and the membrane-drying unit with sterile filter)
  • Ref. 267-5180-983-00   Automatic condensate drain to retrofit a compressor without membrane-drying unit
  • Ref. 267-6040-992-00   Adjustable pressure reducer for all new compressors Silver Airline, special accessory
  • Ref. 267-5185-501-50   Adapter for sound cover


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