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Implantologi Chiropro L grunduppsättning med kontravinkel

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Product description

Apparatus implantology, surgery and endodontics Chiropro for instruments with or without light.

The Chiropro L is a system of implants, surgery and endodontics ultra-competitive and versatile . With Chiropro L , everything is designed for your comfort . The MX -i- LED micromotor is the most powerful and lightest on the market , features dimmable LED lighting both high and low speed . The contra-angle includes a unique internal irrigation system provides an ideal instrument garre . The operative Chiropro L offers 7 preprogrammed sequences . Thanks to these editable programs can be customized to everyone's taste .

Designed to simplify your daily practice, Chiropro L is infinitely versatile console to the point of allowing many clinical applications such as implantology , endodontics and dental surgery.

The Chiropro L offers 7 preprogrammed complete sequences . The Chiropro L can also be customized according to your needs . Clinical preprogrammed sequence appears, from the preparation of the implant site until screwed . In just seconds you can define your program, save or modify it. You can also add the implant program you choose.

Bien-Air has designed a patented peristaltic pump. Irrigation lines including a single-use insertion support ensures easier handling and optimum hygiene.


Ref 060-1700307-001 Chiropro basic set L with contra-angle 20:1 L Series Micro – Light ( ref. 060-1600692-001 ) of iChiropro system will discover the meaning of the word ergonomics. This Swiss Made instrument is provided with a unique internal irrigation system in the world that completely releases the grip area . The liquid is poured through the base of the bit to flank it with precision. One of the smallest on the market heads and lightness make this instrument is very manageable and accurate.
Ref 060-1700298-001 Basic set Chiropro without contra-angle
Chiropro core set L includes:
Command Chiropro L ( ref. 060-1600613-001 )
Micromotor MX -i LED ( ref. 060-1600755-001 )
Cable -i MX micromotor Led ( ref. 060-1600606-001 )
Pedal 3 button ( ref. 060-1600631-001 )
10 lines of irrigation sterile single use ( ref. 060-1500984-010 )
10 clamps irrigation line (ref. 060-1303711-010 )
2 brackets ( ref. 060-1303393-001 and 060-1301575-001 )
Swiss power cable ( ref. 060-1300065-001 )
European power cord ( ref. 060-1300066-001 )
network cable to Asia / USA ( ref. 060-1300067-001 )


MICRO -SERIES Up to 40% more compact and 33 % lighter , the Micro -Series sets offer a perfect balance , exceptional power and flexibility of use only . Associated with new LED micromotors short-pointed , and contra-angle handpiece Micro -Series redefines the standards set MX2 odontológica.El instrumentation and contra-angle Micro -Series is no bigger than a turbine. With dimensions that have been reduced to the maximum, the balance point of the instrument / micromotor assembly has significantly advanced. The result is a perfect balance. The force required to hold the instrument in your hand strength has been significantly reduced . This results in more accurate and less fatigue at day's end movements.

Incomparable QUALITY LED light. Solution for LED light Bien-Air has worked on combining the best components available to ensure implementation techniques simply unique performance and reliability. LED lighting Bien-Air provides incomparable working comfort . Intensity is adjustable from 0 to 38,000 lux. Significantly improves the visibility of the operating field and disseminates a perfectly white and natural light. The color temperature of 4,500 K is ideal for a realistic finish dentin , pulp or gingiva , thus allowing easier diagnosis . The perfect encapsulation of the LED in a sealed optic ensures resistance hundred autoclave cycles ( only for instruments and micromotors sterilizable )

DUALOOK is exclusive Bien- Air. Besides a solid foolproof, double optical glass multifilament conductor provides an immersive lighting glare . With two offset sources , subtly receive relief. Virtually eliminates the shadows in the field of operation, even in front of the instrument. DUALOOK , best lighting market .

CERAMIC REVOLUTION Longer life , more accurately. Less noise, less vibration. Ball bearings of high-end ceramic Bien- Air. For extreme performance .

ACCU- CHUCK Precision gesture professional should be transmitted to the patient without any interference. It is therefore very important that your instrument is as accurate as possible. Technology fit with clamp and drive the rotary instruments Bien-Air is the most accurate in the market. And this is no accident . Procedures only perpetuate the Swiss quality has earned Bien-Air fame and prestige machining of parts with micron precision , grinding , shot , etc. . for greater reliability and less noise. The result is perfectly balanced instruments without imbalance or vibration . We not only appreciate its unique precision and reliability, but also their instruments will last much longer .

COOL TOUCH antirrecalentamiento button with safety device . Reduce the risk of burn patients with the instrument head . For comfort and safety of their patients.

SOFT PUSH procedure single button Bien-Air with adjustment plates and clamps. Just a gentle pressure . The instrument change is fast and convenient . This procedure ensures a secure fit and accurate time .

FREE CARE With its ball bearings lubricated for life, requires no lubrication micromotor after each use . Your result is always an optimum amount of oil, a faster start- up and maintenance costs revised downward .

SMART LOGIC The most precise control ever achieved in a micromotor . A breakthrough electronic system controls perfectly the torque, speed and position of the instrument. Even at very low speed.

EASY -NAV intuitive , easy and affordable navigation . You can work in a logical , quick and assisted manner. Without artifice . professional Interface

IDEAL GEOMETRY The best access to the most difficult areas , contra – angles Bien-Air are designed to provide the best handling, visibility and accessibility in the field of operation.

GOLD CONNECT Bien-Air provides its instruments gold plated electrical contacts . The result is an excellent electrical conductivity and better corrosion resistance .

SWISS MADE Only the most sophisticated techniques and the best materials possible to manufacture the best products. The Bien-Air products are designed and manufactured in the heart of Watch Valley , Switzerland. After manufacture , the Bien-Air products are tested individually.

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