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Finger pad TFS 1 st

260 kr


Product description

PAD FOR SOLVING THE ”trigger finger”


Trigger finger is a common problem that can cause pain or locking senssación in one or more fingers. TFS ellimina The pressure in the affected area, allowing you to easily resume their daily activities and gradually restored the fat pad that protects the area naturally.
Usually trigger finger is caused by repetitive movements such as grasping or continuous contact with a particular object (steering wheel, tennis racket, mobile, etc), which may break the fat pad at the base of finger.
When this happens, the tendon beneath it, and that helps bend the finger starts to swell. This tendon runs through a tunnel or sheath located at the base of the finger. When inflammation occurs, the tendon can not pass easily through the tunnel, which in turn causes pain and catching sensation when trying to move the finger.
It can be used for finger and toe.


CM 6.35 X 3.99

For more details, if the U-shaped piece extends from the dotted line inthe palm of your hand (see illustration) may need to trim to ensure a comfortable fit and efficiently.