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  /    /  Sjukgymnastik - Material, Sjukgymnastik och rehabilitering - Apparatur, Specialområden, Vattenterapi  /  Hydroterapi badkar, speciellt för ben och nedre ryggrad Kolumb Tina Kolumb

Hydroterapi badkar, speciellt för ben och nedre ryggrad Kolumb Tina Kolumb

167000 kr217000 kr


Product description

Lower extremities and lumbar region whirlpool tub.

The lower extremities and lumbar spine whirlpool KOLUMB is a very popular whirlpool model in rehabilitation centers, fitness clubs and wellness centers.

The KOLUMB tub is used for whirlpool treatments of lower extremities and lumbar spine, pearl baths and chromotherapy.

Ability to perform treatment both for lower extremities and lumbar spine, low cost and low water capacity (as compared to full body underwater massage tubs) make this product very useful not only for clinics but also for wellness centers.

KOLUMB tub is dedicated for whirlpool massage and consists of a system of 14 wall-mounted jets, divided into 3 independent sections with outflow water control.

The jets control enables free choice of a treatment area or combination of different jets (seven possibilities), for example, from ankles to lumbar spine. Moreover, its 2 filling levels (half or full tub) enable to save water.

During the treatment, the patient sits inside the tub.

Chromotherapy system: 7 basic colours and mixed colours.

Kolumb can be fitted with colour touch screen that allows to set:

  • Total treatment time.
  • Auto power off after treatment.
  • Free programmes: the user can save up to 100 programmes.
  • AutoTest fuse test.

Main features:

  • Spoutless filling system.
  • Pearl bath system (55 jets:11 x 5).
  • Chromotherapy.
  • Disinfection system.
  • AutoTest fuse test model KOLUMB.
  • Modern and ergonomic design.

KOLUMB is fitted with cutting-edge systems:

  • Electronically controlled chemical disinfection.
  • Automatic tub filling.
  • Colour touch control panel model KOLUMB.

KOLUMB is available in two versions:

  • Kolumb BASIC (electronic control panel).
  • Kolumb  (colour touch control panel).

Colours available:

  • 5005 RAL Signal blue
  • 10217 RAL White
  • 5012 RAL Light blue
  • 9001 RAL Cream white
  • 6027 RAL Light green
  • 3017 RAL Pink
  • 6018 RAL Yellow green
  • 2004 RAL Pure orange
  • 6002 RAL Leaf green

Specify interior and exterior colour:

  • Interior standard colour: light blue (RAL 5012).
  • Exterior standard colour: white (RAL 10217).

KOLUMB  can be fitted with a chromotherapy system -20 multicolour diodes (7 main colours and mixed colours).

Independent control panel to set:

  • Colour lighting time, individual setting of alternative lighting cycles.


  • Model:  Kolumb 330-01501052 and 330-01501053:

    • Working capacity level I:    80
    • Working capacity level II:   210
  • External dimensions:  1540 x 870 x 1070 mm.

Kolumb functions:

  Kolumb Kolumb Basic
Hand shower Yes Yes
Automatic filling system Yes Yes
Automatic water level setting Yes Yes
Control panel Colour, touch Electronic
AutoTest fuse test Yes No
Pump "dry-working" protection Yes Yes
Electronically controlled automatic water release Optional Optional
Timer Yes Yes
Automatic switch off after treatment Yes Yes
Pearl bath system Yes Optional
Chromotherapy Yes Optional
Disinfection system Yes Optional
Anal jets Optional Optional
The tub can be fitted with more jets Optional Optional

Standard accessories:

  • Stair 53L x 43W x 39H cm [1] 19.037.001
  • 1L. of KRISTALIN disinfectant  [2]19.903.001

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