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Punktletare Acu Pro

2920 kr


Product description

Acu-Pro Pointfinder locates in the most easy, fast and accurate way anywhere in any part of the body, under all parts of the skin.

With Acu-Pro you will always locate an exact point. Other point finders give audible and / or light steadily, confusing and vague signals and can not specify a single point, when working in wet areas (palms …), oily areas (scalp …), scarring, inflammation (artritis. ..) or when there is a meridian with intense activity, Tested by professionals, the Acu-Pro is the best pointfinder on the market.
Thanks to its API technology (Intelligent Progressive Adjustable) calibration is achieved which easily adjusts to the circumstances of the skin.
This coupled with its high measurement range to evaluate the area of skin resistance (20 Kilo-ohm to 30 Mega-ohm), makes the application more easy, quick and accurate to find the exact spot without fault or error.

Composed of:

1 – Interchangeable probe.
2 –
Led localization signal.
3 –
Reduce sensitivity adjustment button.
4 –
Button to increase sensitivity adjustment.
5 –
Led power indicator.
6 –
Screw cap stack.
7 –
On-off switch.


  • Auricular
  • Acupuncture
  • Trigger Points
  • Microsystems

Technical data:

  • Electronic measurement of skin resistance.
  • Adjustable resistance range.
  • 6 Volt battery power. (MOD. LR44).

Accessories included:

  • 2 interchangeable, retractable, sterilizable probes (one finer for auricular location and other thicker for body location).
  • Instruction Manual.
  • Battery.

Search and localization of points:

It is important to understand that the pointfinder itself forms a circuit with the patient’s body, so you always need two contact poles (+ and -) the negative (-) is the tip of the probe and the positive (+) is placed on the stainless steel (shiny) part of the pointfinder, so to close the circuit we always stay in contact with this part while maintaining contact with the patient’s bare skin.

With sensitivity adjustment buttons (3 and 4) you can adapt the sensitivity of the equipment to the patient’s skin to make us a correct point location.
If you slide the probe on the patient’s skin the equipment gives us a prolonged signal that allows us to pinpoint the point accurately, for this we must press on the knob (3) Reduce sensitivity until point is located accurately. Otherwise, ie if the equipment slides on the patient’s skin it does not give us any sign, you must click on the button (4) to raise sensitivity until you get a signal and from here we can already start proper localization. 

The team allows 34 adjustable positions of sensitivity, so the range of incremental adjustments always allows a precise location, and pinpoints the exact point. Initially it starts with an intermediate sensitivity (considered standard), from which it will be very easy to fit each patient or specific skin area.