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Virtuell mesoterapi med LEDs för hemmabruk

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Product description



  • Beauty treatments by electrophoresis are based on the principles of electroporation and electro-osmosis.
  • It doesn’t need needles as it uses AMD infiltration techniques, positioning, fixed layers and a quantitative supply of medicines and natural active ingredients directly into the inner cell membrane.
  • These techniques are very effective in treating various skin symptoms.
  • This latest technology is also known as NO-NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY.

Innovative technology: using principles of electroporation and electro-osmosis:

  • High absorption rate: nutrition goes directly into the cell, absorption rate of 99%.
  • No side effects: treatment is completely painless, does not damage the skin and promotes natural active substances.
  • Application areas: face, neck, chest, waist, buttocks and legs; the treatment boosts the effectiveness of active ingredients destined for treatments such as whitening, anti-blemish, body shaping, anti-wrinkle and firming, among others.


  1. Facial rejuvenation
  2. Improvement of wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead
  3. Improvement of wrinkles around the eyes
  4. Attenuates wrinkles on neck and chest
  5. Deep skin hydration
  6. Improvement of skin tone
  7. Reduces redness and stretch marks
  8. Improvement of bags and dark circles under the eyes
  9. Body firming
  10. Slimming
  11. Anti-cellulite


Facial treatment:

Results according to skin types:

  • Oily skin, large pores, thick epidermis:

Result: clean and purified skin, dead cells and impurities removed, closed pores, recovered radiance and a good skin tone.

  • Dull, tired and pale skin:

Result: oxygenated, smooth and radiant skin, improved circulation.

  • Relaxing treatment

Result: eliminates puffiness, softens wrinkles and expression lines, deep skin firming and hydration, stimulation of collagen production, accelerated collagen production, rejuvenated and younger looking skin.

  • Eye zone:

Result: reduction of eye bags and dark circles, softens wrinkles and expression lines in the eye zone, reduces eye fatigue etc.

Body treatment:


  • Cellulite treatment:

Result: cellulite removal, soft and nourished skin.

  • Edema:

Result: reduced edema, improved blood and lymphatic circulation.

  • Loose skin:

Result: firming of loose skin after weight loss, improved elasticity of the skin tissue.

What is electroporation and electro-osmosis?

  • Electroporation:

Electroporation is the emission of an electromagnetic wave in order to produce a higher cellular membrane permeability (opens the pores of the skin), thus helping to introduce substances into it. This mechanism has the distinction of being reversible and transient due to the flows characteristics: pressed, non-constant, meaning that the cell membrane is closed again when lifting the handpiece.

  • Electro-osmosis:

Electro-osmosis consists of introducing active principles through an electric osmosis that diffuse substances as it reverse the electrical polarity of the cells. After allowing the entry of new molecules, membrane walls resume their original polarity preventing further changes in the cell configuration. When applying electro-osmosis, permeability levels are increased and the superficial skin cells modify the molecular structure of the underlying lipid. This causes changes in the configuration of the inner and outer layer of the skin, achieving the desired “smoothening” of the skin.