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Mesoterapi- och Carboxy Therapy pistol Concerto

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Product description

Mesotherapy and carboxytherapy gun Concerto. Accepts any CO2 cylinder or cartridge, as well as any needle or syringe. EXCLUSIVELY FOR MEDICAL USE.

3 mesotherapy programs:

  • Mesotherapy: For « nappage », point by point or continuous injections, the automatic control of depth and speed will allow you to apply a traditional mesotherapy safely and precisely.
  • Expert: Specific program dedicated to point by point injections, by the adjustment of the depth (from 1 to 13 mm) and the dose (from 0.01 ml to infinity). This program will optimise the efficiency of the products injected, respecting strictly the protocols.
  • Fillers: The gun is programmed to put in place any kind of permanent or temporary filler. The needle moves back automatically and drops off a regular amount of product. directly on site.

What is carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is the therapeutical use of CO2 in a gaseous state administred subcutaneously.

Therapeutical actions:
  • Activates a vasodilatory effect at the microcirculation level
  • Increases the speed and movement of the microcirculation
  • Increases the lipolytic actions of adipose tissue.
  • In the presence of CO2, the hemoglobin liberates more oxygen and restores the capillarity circulation.


  • Cosmetic medicine (fibrosclerotic panniculopathy edematous, cellulite, adjunct in the treatment of localised fat, pre and postoperative skin transplants).
  • Cosmetic surgery (pre or post liposuction).
  • Angiology (organic or functional peripheral arterial disease).
  • Rheumatology (autoimmune arthritis, osteoarthritis, acute arthritis).
  • Urology (erectile dysfunction, microangiopathy associated diseases).
  • Dermatology (psoriasis, ulcers).

Features Concerto:

  • Accurate: Designed with hand piece to control the depht, the angle and the volume of each injection.
  • Intuitive: Patented system that adjusts automatically the gas flow according to the size of the needle.
  • Safe: A progressive injection with simultaneous massage for a painless effect.
  • Complete: 2 modes of injection: 1) Manual for face, eyes, dark circles. 2) Automatic for body, abdomen and legs.
  • Universal: Can be connected to any type of CO2 cylinder or cartridge.

General specifications:

  • Self-contained: Works on battery (Li-ion high life) or mains.
  • User-friendly: Graphic coloured high definition display with quick setting of treatments.
  • Ergonomic: Light and easy to handle. Especially studied for ambidextrous use.
  • Painless: Fast needle projection so no pain effect induced.
  • Lighting of the treated area for a perfect visibility.
  • Simultaneous vibration massage for a better diffusion of the products.
  • Several types of skin stabilisers available, especially designed to be accorded to the program or to the part of the body.
  • Accepts any kind of syringes and needles.
  • Automatic detection of the syringe, pressure and viscosity of the product.