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SHR portabel utrustning Photodepilation

57600 kr


Product description

The SHR treatment owes its effectiveness to its selective absorption power:

  • When the intense pulsed light penetrates into the epidermis, the light energy is mostly absorbed by the pigments in the epidermis.
  • A high energy and a dark skin tone imply a high risk during the treatment. Furthermore, most of the heat is reflected and refracted at the same time; only 30% -40% of the energy can be used. Thus, the energy needs to be increased in order to obtain better results. However, most of the heat is absorbed by the pigments in the epidermis, which affects to the treatment's result.
  • Thanks to the SHR system, this device presents a selective absorption capacity in order to adapt to the characteristics of each skin type.


  • SHR mode 3HZ high frequency and high efficiency, the treatment time is significantly reduced.
  • Excellent results with different hair and skin types.
  • Comfortable and painless treatment.
  • Touch, adjustable screen
  • Software language: English, French

Technical specifications:

  • Power: 2000W
  • Energy: 1-50 J/cm²
  • Impulses frequency: 1-3 HZ
  • Lamp shots: 300000 shots
  • Treatment size: 15mm x 50mm
  • Cooling system: water + wind + semiconductor + cooling gel
  • Handpiece temperature: -5°C ~ 5°C
  • Voltage: AC 220V, 50/60Hz


  • Device

Accessories included:

  • Handpiece
  • Filters:

    • 530 nm
    • 640 nm
  • Protection glasses for operator
  • Protection glasses for customer
  • Footswitch
  • Supply cable
  • Hoses for filling and emptying
  • Funnel