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  /    /  Hårborttagnings Utrustning, Professionell IPL, Skönhetsvård  /  Electrodepilador Depil Easy med 5 applikationer

Electrodepilador Depil Easy med 5 applikationer

31300 kr


Product description

Depil Easy is a device for electric epilation with 5 applications. In 90% of the cases, the hair stops growing after the 3rd session.


  • Solution for permanent hair removal.

    • In 90% of the cases, the hair stops growing after the 3rd session.
    • Since the first session, there is a consistent and considerable reduction of hair bulbs, and hirsutism and folliculitis are reduced.
    • With Depil Easy, it is possible to reduce the bulbs in all the areas, including delicate areas such as groin or chest.
    • It is the only technology that can eliminate successfully light and white hair.
  • Eliminates hair from the root using an electric current through a head (needle).

    • This technique is also known as diathermy coagulation: an electric current is transmitted to the follicle with a needle. The current is transformed into thermal energy and destroys hair.
    • It can be used in body and face for men and women with minor hirsutism and hypertrichosis (excessive hair in face and body).


  • Hydrolysis

    • Application of a continuous electric current  to the hair root.
    • It causes a chemical reaction on the skin, which frees sodium hydroxide, a compound able to destroy the hair follicle.
    • It is an effective technique, but slow and painful.
  • Thermolysis

    • It works with the heat generated by the passage of the high frequency current though the probe (needle).
    • It is recommended to use the isolated needle to avoid small burns or scares.
  • Multiflash

    • Ii is based on the use of high intensity but only for fractions of seconds.
  • Blend

    • It combines the continuous current of the hydrolysis with the high frequency current of thermolysis.
    • The high frequency prepares the skin, so as to facilitate the spreading of the continuous current.
  • Multiblend

    • It is blend repeated several times in sequence.

Directions and useful tips:

  • Carefully clean and disinfect the area to treat.
  • Use the needles supplied with the device.
  • Do not treat patients with epilepsy, pacemaker, pregnant women nor patients that have recently taken antibiotics and/or photo-sensitive medicines.

Technical Specifications:

  • Main power supply

    • 230 Vac,50-60Hz,±10%.
  • Display

    • Alphanumeric ( 2×40 ) 2 rows of 40 alphanumeric characters
  • Risk class

    • I
  • Electric isolation class

    • I – BF
  • Treatment time

    • 0 to 99 minutes
  • Stored programmes

    • 5 (hydrolysis, thermolysis, blend, multiflash, multiblend)
  • Output channels

    • 1
  • Size

    • 39 x 30 x 13 cm
  • Weight

    • 4 Kg

Complies with Directive 93/42/EEC.