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  /    /  Sjukgymnastik - Hjälpmedel, Sjukgymnastik och massage  /  Kit med professionella verktyg för manuell terapi

Kit med professionella verktyg för manuell terapi

3000 kr


Product description

Kit of professional tools for manual therapies. Case, Spinemover, 3D Thumb, Dino and Painreliever included.


  • Case.
  • Spinemover (ref. 846-SPINEMOVER).
  • 3D Thumb (ref. 846-3DTHUMB).
  • Dino (ref. 846-DINO).
  • Painreliever (ref. 846-PAINRELIEVER).



  • It improves therapeutical results.
  • User-friendly.
  • Anatomical.
  • Relieves therapist's hands.
  • Slides easily.
  • 6 contact surfaces with different angles.
  • Hand-like touch.
  • Reduces treatment time.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Robust.

Indicated for the following techniques:

  • Cyriax.
  • Trigger points.
  • Fibrolysis.
  • Myofascial.
  • Percusion.
  • Mobilisation.
  • Sliding.
  • Friction.



General features:

  • Dimensions: 14 x 9.5 x 1.9 cm.
  • Anatomical shape.
  • It facilitates the work of the therapist and relieves the burden of his/her hands.
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • Nearly unbreakable and lightweight.
  • Perfect for the selective treatment of small areas or localised points.
  • It can even be used on clothing or special bandages.


Richellis Dino:

  • It allows accurate contact.

    • Specific friction of ligaments, muscles and tendons.
  • Useful for treatment of soft tissues, areas of difficult access, Cyriax massage, trigger points, fibrosis elastification…




  • It allows the user to have an easy grip in any position, either with one or two hands.
  • Every centimeter has been designed to be useful for any style and technique in manual therapy.
  • All surfaces are multidirectional, meaning that they can be used in an infinite combination of angles, directions and pressures.
  • With this tool it is easier to treat adhesions, spasms, connective tissue, muscles, tendons, organs, trigger points, muscle attachments and the origins of muscles and nerves.
  • Many manual therapy techniques can be applied through clothing.

Advantages for therapists:

It relieves the therapist´s hands and back thanks to:

  • The possibility to use both hands.
  • The possibility to use one end as a fulcrum and to move the opposite end over the patient (compass effect), which takes less effort..

    • By using the "compass effect" the therapeutic hand can rest on the tool. The weight of the arm is enough to perform the technique.
    • Fibers or muscles can be fixed or immobilized with the hook, without straining.
  • Thanks to its handle and its length, it can be used as a leverage in order to get more precision with the minimal strength.
  • As less pressure is exerted, less strength is needed to stabilize the rest of the body. This tool allows the user to apply techniques that normally require a standing position while sitting.

Technical data:

  • Made of polyethylene 500, plastic used in orthopedic implants.
  • It is highly resistant to friction and shocks. It does not absorb creams or other products, which makes it easy to wash.
  • It slides easily with the minimal amount of lubricant (cream, oil, etc.). This reduces the costs. It can be used through clothes.
  • Hand-like touch.
  • It is very anatomical. Its unique design allows its use for any technique: friction, pressure, percussion, traction, decoaptation, kneading, tissue elasticity increase (scars), drainage, etc.

Design and versatility:

The two ends are perpendicular to the handle that connects them.


  • It has two protuberances of different size and curvature. As they are convex, they allow to form a whole that allows movement guidance for 360 degrees (in contact with the hand in concave position). As the inclination of the handle from the other end varies, the contact surface varies, since the curvature is not constant. Thus we can vary the pressure and direction without changing the strength and stance that are applied. This allows to be more accurate in contact or to choose a wider one.


  • The hook can be compared with a pipe wrench, that gets more hooked as it turns around a tube. It allows to fix, stretch and compress muscles. The hook also allows access to hidden anatomical regions such as the front of the Achilles tendon, the diaphragm, or the subscapularis among others.


  • No edges, which allows any inclination of all surfaces. The external side of both ends helps provide large contact surfaces. The handle is perfect to knead big muscles.


This is the indispensable tool for all manual therapists who want to:

  • Prevent their hands from injury.
  • Apply aggressive techniques such as cyriax and trigger points repeatedly.
  • Be more effective in treating techniques, apply more strength without getting tired.
  • Shorten the patient recovery time.