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Ryska Belt TRM World PRO

1810 kr

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Product description

Russian Belt TRM World PRO

Muscle belt for quadriceps, hamstrings, back and neck.

Training with free weights squat type is very beneficial for a large part of the musculature of the athlete. However, it poses potential health risks as it generates great tension and compression at the spine level due to the large number of kg to be lifted by the athlete. On the other hand, in most training centers, you can work with fitness machines which require the realization of strength training of the lower extremities in open kinetic chain posing a risk to some anatomical structures such as cruciate ligaments of the knee.

With the Russian Belt for quadriceps-hamstring-gluteal-lumbar and cervical musculature, you may develop the aforementioned muscles, anywhere where you can set the belt without using expensive bodybuilding machines.

Russian Belt is space saving and comes with an extension strap to adapt to different places.


  • "Eccentric" muscle stretching exercises (hamstring, glutes and lower back) – Improved flexibility and decontracting effect.
  • As the contraction is predominantly eccentric, an increased muscle tension is created, increasing strength gain.
  • There is a higher incidence on the elastic tissue so that muscle hypertrophy is longitudinal and not transverse.
  • The Muscle or Russian Belt is a clear alternative to favor the progression in the performance of athletes.
  • It is a safer method for muscular reinforcement of joints because it causes less shearing forces.
  • Muscle work with the muscle belt further stimulates functional activities and prepares athletes producing a muscular and neuromuscular training.
  • It reduces the frequency of injuries in hamstring muscles, unaccustomed to performing eccentric work.


  • Help muscle stretching action in a gradual, progressive and controlled manner.
  • Promote an eccentric muscle training useful to prevent diseases such as osteoarthritis and with proven efficacy in the management of orthopedic dysfunctions in injuries and in chronic diseases.
  • Promote the strengthening of structures that enhance joint stability, improving damping during actions such as walking, running or jumping, and help curb the bone stress and the cartilage wear that joint damage can cause.
  • Provide training in closed kinetic chain which is probably more effective in the rehabilitation of injuries.
  • The closed kinetic chain training, compared to open kinetic chain, provides better results in performance appraisals based on vertical and horizontal jump tests, suggesting greater specificity for improved performance in certain athletic events.
  • Muscle training with the belt further stimulates functional activities and prepares athletes producing an adequate muscular and neuromuscular training.
  • It is a safer method for muscular reinforcement of joints as it causes less shearing forces.
  • It is a cheaper training system since requirements for its practice are inexpensive and it can be used anywhere.
  • Working gradually, you can avoid the initial problems of eccentric exercise. The eccentric exercise facilitates preventing future injuries. Everybody knows the frequency of injuries in hamstrings in athletics and team sports such as football. This muscle is not used to performing eccentric work and therefore it is exposed to injuries.
  • Conducting a training programme with the eccentric training belt may help prevent injuries in biarticular muscles.
  • It is a simple tool to prevent injury relapses that can be related to the lack of eccentric training in the rehabilitation programme.


  • Russian Belt TMR World PRO
  • Orange extension strap