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Crystal Yag 1064 Laser fiberoptik 25W

337000 kr


Product description

Crystal Yag 1064  25W fibre optic laser

Wheeled aparatus for 1064 nm (ND YAG) fibreoptic laser therapy.



  • 8" colour touch screen.
  • 25W Laser power.
  • Broad range of suggested theraputic uses divided by anatomy and speciality.
  • Patient card. Suggestions storable in USB pen drive or internal memory.

Yag Crystal can work in continuous mode by issuing a power of up to 25W, or duty cycle pulsed mode, allowing time to switch to a laser projectio , non-broadcast time, allowing a decrease in the effect of "power " of the laser, (is said photo- thermal effect which causes an increase in local temperature) and therefore, allows the cooling of the tissue area treated between the various pulses. That makes the most effective and important biological effect of tissue stimulation .

YAG crystal emits at a wavelength of 1064 nm, which enters the " therapeutic window " laser between 400 and 600nm .

The light beam emitted by the YAG Crystal, reaches a power adjustable up to 25W, which provides a high penetration of tissues with such effects that provide photo- bio- chemical stimulation at the cell membrane and into the mitochondria, acting tissue depth and inducing significant effects of metabolic stimulation, analgesic . YAG crystal with absolute certainty can treat all musculoskeletal inflammatory conditions, superficial and deep, leading from the first application intense pain reduction and improved mobility.

Effects on tissue

A significant increase in mitochondrial stimulation :

Production of ATP ( photochemical effect : Accelerate the transformation of ADP to ATP , electrolyte replacement between inter -and extracellular environments ) .
Activation of microcirculation ( photo- thermal effect : Enables modifying parts intercapillary hydrostatic pressure ).

Accessories Included:

  • 1 fibreoptic laser head.
  • 2 Laser protection glasses.
  • 1 USB key.
  • 1 Interlock ( security key).
  • 1 foot control.
  • 1 DVD user manual.


  • Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices