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Excentrisk träning kit

40200 kr

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Product description


Eccentric training kit consisting of CONIC machine, encoder and transport kit.

Description of 1038-CONIC:

CONIC Eccentric Training Machine

The main characteristic of the conical pulley is that the movement is accelerated with progressive load. As the rope runs through the cone, its radius disminishes and its resistance increases. The weight has an intertial nature, which means that strength values will be higher or lower depending on how much strength the user applies to the machine. This greatly reduces the risk of injury since training is based on individual strength.

It allows to practice many kinds of exercises, working all muscle groups by adapting different attachments to the rope end. Furthermore, this machine has a very wide load range.

Load is increased by working over the free cone radius with a roll-up rope, and also by shifting the inertia moment using 4 removable masses integrated in the disk.
The wider the radius, the lighter the load and vice versa. The radius can be adjusted through a longitudinal rail along the cone.

The moment of inertia is adjusted through the different masses integrated within the disk. There are three possible positions: without masses, 2 masses (moment of inertia is increased by a 20%), and 4 masses (moment of inertia is increased by a 40%).


  • Machine manufactured entirely by numerical control, CAD-CAM technology.
  • Made of aluminum.
  • Exact control of cone-disk-axis moment of inertia.
  • Low friction bearings and high quality pulleys.
  • Rope without coefficient of elasticity.
  • Adjustment of load on the cone radius, 13 load positions.
  • Moment of inertia adjustment through masses built in the disk, 3 inertia moments.
  • Free downloadable multiplatform RSP APP (Android or IOS) for measuring real-time training through a streaming data connection via Bluetooth (you need to purchase the optional accessory 1038-ENCODER).

Dimensions and weight:

  • 45 x 45 x 35 cm
  • 11 kg

Accessories included:

  • Hand grip.
  • Ankle strap.
  • Head pulley.
  • 4 m rope.
  • High head pulley.
  • 4 aluminium masses.

Description 1038-ENCODER:

Wireless encoder for eccentric machine. Adapter for eccentric training machines that allows to measure, analyse and record the work done with them along with the RSP APP.


  • Wireless operation and autonomy of several hours.
  • Easy installation. In just two minutes you can start working, connect the RSP APP and record data in real time.
  • Quick and efficient connection to the phone via Bluetooth.
  • The data collected by the encoder are sent to the phone by this Bluetooth channel allowing you to get away as 15 meters (useful for coaches).
  • It includes long life battery and a female connector compatible with any standard mobile charger (mini USB).


The free downloadable RSP APP for Android or IOS measures the training performance in real time via Bluetooth. Values are measured in watts and in cycles. With these two indicators, the APP provides users with information on the use they are making of the machine and on their performance.

  • Users can save their workouts historical and consult at any time.
  • The APP includes presets for each of the 3 machines.

Description 1038-RSPORTABKIT:

Transport kit with metal frame and wheels.