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Bäckenbottenmuskulaturen motionär Epi-No Delphine Plus

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Product description

Epi-No Delphine Plus device for pelvic floor training, preparation to childbirth and muscle training in the postpartum period.

Preparing childbirth:

  • The EPI-NO pelvic floor exerciser has been developed by a team of gynaecologists, midwives and pregnant women.
  • It is a pre-birth and after-birth exerciser to help you regenerate your pelvic floor muscles to their previous state.
  • Its biofeedback gauge helps locate those hard-to-find pelvic floor muscles. It monitors your progress by registering your pelvic floor muscle tone and motivates you to improve your performance.

Accessories included:

  • Contoured silicone balloon
  • Hand pump
  • Pressure display (gauge)
  • Air release valve
  • Flexible plastic tube


  • Clinical studies have shown that training with the EPI-NO is highly effective. With EPI-NO, you can shorten the second stage of labour nearly in half; from 54 minutes (control group) to 29 minutes (EPI-NO).
  • Not only the mother but also the baby benefit from the significant shortening of this critical stage: newborn infants using EPI-NO were healthier, as shown by higher APGAR scores (a measure of vitality after birth).
  • In addition, demand for painkillers during childbirth was reduced by almost two-thirds (from 42% in the control group to 16% in the group of the EPI-NO). The epidural rate was reduced to about half; from 29% to 14%.
  • Clinical findings highlight the effectiveness of training with EPI-NO. Thanks to EPI-NO, four times more women (compared with the control group) experienced a birth without any injury in perineum and therefore did not suffer the possible and very unpleasant side effects of these lesions in the short and long term.

Post-natal exercising:

  •  You should start pelvic floor muscle exercises (PME) with EPI-NO Delphine Plus to regain the strength and tone of pelvic floor muscles approximately 3 to 6 weeks after childbirth.
  • The stronger your pelvic muscles are, the more pressure you can exert on the balloon.
  • The EPI-NO Delphine Plus manometer monitors your exercises and informs you if you are doing well. This is called biofeedback and it helps you motivate and appreciate your progress.

What are pelvic floor musles?

  • Pelvic floor muscles are one of the most important muscle groups in your body. They are a sling of muscles that go from the tailbone (at the base of the spine) to the pubic bone.
  • They support and contribute to the lower body’s posture and boost the breathing and circulation system.
  • The stronger the pelvic floor muscles, the better the functioning of your lower organs: uterus, bladder and bowel.
  • In addition, well toned pelvic floor muscles ensure greater sexual pleasure.

Why exercise pelvic floor muscles?

  • During pregnancy and childbirth your pelvic floor muscles will be extensively stretched. Your body will partially regenerate these muscles naturally.
  • However, with a conscious contraction/relaxation training programme, these muscles will soon recover their former strength and tone. Exercising with EPI-NO Delphine Plus will help you achieve this target.
  • At the beginning of pelvic floor muscle training, the most common problem is that many women do not even know where these muscles are located or find it difficult to tighten them.
  • That's why training is important, to develop a control over pelvic floor muscles and to detect the correct muscle groups.
  • EPI-NO Delphine Plus gives you effective help thanks to its Biofeedback.

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