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Neurologisk Hammare CAT

3810 kr

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Product description

Neurological Hammer CAT

A thrust device for the spinal column and extremities.


  • Range of force (in pounds): 20 – 45 AFR.
  • Accuracy components of the original CAT.
  • It provides a smoother and simpler operation.
  • Less effort for use.


The neurological hammer is a chiropractic technique to find and correct subluxations in your spine and other areas of the body.
It is an instrument capable of creating a dynamic impact for an adjustment of controlled force in a precise and specific direction, at a high speed, with the purpose of treating subluxation.
It offers a moderate but powerful thrust which is barely noticeable to the patient. The thrust is made by a quick release of a compressed spring inside the instrument.

Directions for use:

It is indicated for all patients who dislike handling or for whom it is absolutely contraindicated.
This method is suitable for patients suffering from any type of back pain (lumbago, cervical pain, herniated discs, arthritis), being a "soft" technique that has no contraindications. Also for patients with headaches, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain and sacro-iliac pain.
It treats joint subluxation without awkward positions or cracks.

Method and procedures:

When any force, such as a chiropractic correction, invades the body, the muscles in that area are automatically contracted by reflex mechanism in order to "protect" the area of intrusion. The Activator instrument produces a thrust that is faster than the response of body reflexes and local muscles can tighten. So, in simple terms, the force required to move and adjust the treatment area is developed by the "speed" of the orientation of the instrument and not by the "force" applied. Thus, although the Activator instrument produces a very effective thrust, it is barely noticeable to the patient

This technique uses specific procedures to discover the spinal joint dysfunction, analyze unequal leg length, discover body mechanical problems and test neurological reflexes.

Available accessories:

  • 185-CT004: Cervical tip for neurological hammer CAT
  • 185-CT002: 5 rubber tips for neurological hammer CAT and CAT Pro
  • 185-CT009: Rubber pad for palms and fingers
  • 185-CT007: Rubber pad for palms
  • 185-CT008: Rubber pad for fingers
  • 185-CT003: Holster belt