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Mjukvara Winspiro PRO NET version network

5770 kr


Product description

  • NET PRO version winspiroPRO Winspiro network with a single database that multiple users can share includes 5-user license.
  • For Spirolab Spirometers, spirobank And miniSP.
  • WinspiroPRO Software is the new software that maximizes performance and meter, spirometry, already in use worldwide.
  • Thanks to the simplicity of use and innovative displays, winspiroPRO represents the new frontier of spirometry using a PC.
  • With one click you can select and issue results and graphics via email!
  • Includes tests FVC, VC and MVV and many more.
  • Tests can be exported and graphics in various formats, including Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, HTML and text file.
  • New web browser and user interface Vista and XP
  • The pediatric incentive for spirometry: Just winspiroPRO you can configure a series of animated videos funny to election, during the spirometric test the child. This incentive is based on an algorithm that calculates the expired volume and flow of the subject.
  • Data can be imported into the PC quickly by MIR spirometers, with automatic creation of a patient’s medical history and a preview of the important evidence.
  • Intuitive new spirometric curves that can be highlighted by clicking on the same curve.
  • Viewing and comparison of spirometric curves and calculation of measurement values. For each patient can be reviewed and archived hundreds of curves.
  • Protocols bronchodilation and bronchial provocation with a single click.
  • E-mail directly to the graphics and spirometry data
  • Suitable for clinical trials and telemedicine applications.
  • With winspiroPRO, you can now download your spirometer tests MIR range Spirolab the PC, create patient medical records and store personal choices in three clicks!