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Utrustning för radarterapi

65600 kr

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Product description

MAC1256 – RT 250 DIGITAL

  • 250W Max Power 1600W continuous mode and pulsed mode.
  • Display 240×64 DPI
  • 20 stored programs.
  • 10 programs to memorize.
  • Armed with a circular antenna arm and orthostatic AC model
Supplied accessories
  • 1 Power cord
  • 1 Manual
  • Two 6.3-T Fuses
  • A frequency output cable
  • 1 Antenna parts of this series AC
  • 1 Smart Card
  • A pantograph arm

Medical use of microwaves is mainly based on the fact that they are selectively absorbed by tissues with high water content and thus allow selective heating of some areas such as muscles, while the penetration and absorption bone level is minimal.
Electromagnetic waves, once they come into contact with organic tissue, transform the radiant energy into heat (thermal energy) with a different degree of penetration predominantly restricted to muscle and periarticular tissues (skin and subcutaneous tissue, tendons, membrane, muscle strips , synovium).
The family therapy equipment or radarterapia mircroondas is composed of two models that differ only by the mode of power delivery.
The core of the team is represented by a device consisting of a cavity oscillator capable of generating nuea the electrical frequency of a sinusoidal alternating current to about 2.5 Ghz. and operate either in continuous or pulsed mode: 25% – 50% – 75%.
The availability of pulsed operation as an alternative to continuous treatment, and permits also with relatively long applications (where necessary) without causing the patient feelings of discomfort due to excessive furnishing of heat.
The use of smart card allows patient crar personalized cards.
A fast convenient encoder to select current or dispense protocol by accessing a library of over 100 programs or create and store up to 300 protocols.

Specifications 2500CP 2500C Rt 250 Digital
Power supply 230 VAC ,50-60 Hz ± 10% 230 VAC ,50-60 Hz ± 10% 230 VAC ,50-60 Hz ± 10%
Power max absorbed by the network 650 VA 650 VA 650 VA
Double fuse type network ritardato di 6.3AT 6.3AT 6.3AT
Backlit LCD display for viewing and control of operating parameters Grafico320x240 DPI Grafico320x240 DPI Grafico240x64 DPI
Treatment Time Programmable 1-30 minutes 1-30 minutes 1-30 minutes
Peak Power 50 Ohm pulsátilsu adattato carico 1600 W 1600 W
Peak power continues to carico adattato 50 Ohm 250 W 250 W 250 W
Insulation class I type BF I type BF I type BF
Hazard Class (93/42/EEC) IIB IIB IIB
Degree of protection of liquids IPXO IPXO IPXO
Protocols memorized 100 -? 100 20
Stored in Smart Card Protocols 200 -? 200
Protocols storable in internal memory 200 -? 200 10
Alarm in case of overheating
Diagnostic test to verify the operation of the machine
I use low-noise fans
Weight 40 Kg 40 Kg 40 Kg
Size 385x865x310 mm 385x865x310 mm 385x865x310 mm