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  /    /  Medicinsk teknik, Monitorer, Monitorer för vitala tecken  /  Multiparametrisk monitor NIHON KOHDEN PVM-2701 pekskärm

Multiparametrisk monitor NIHON KOHDEN PVM-2701 pekskärm

59800 kr


Product description

Multi-Monitor PVM-2701

Patallo touch 10 inches, arrhythmia detection, communication bed to bed between 8 and step tracking data without cables.

main feature
He del concept model PVM-2701 are "extreme ease of use." It PVM-2701 are profitable for the solution of these hospital optimize the quality of service su. For su high precision and ease of use, it PVM-2701 are ideal to meet the needs of all of it Caution personal charge of it, them from beginners to experienced them.

Screen 10.4'' color TFT type LCD, high resolution touch.
Parameters: ECG, respiration (by impedance method) SpO2, NIBP, Temp, esCCO.
4 Dynamic Curves, 2 ECG, SpO2, and respiration.
Measuring it on continuous cardiac output invasive esCCO optional.
Charts trends of 120 hours for all the parameters monitored.
FULL Disclosure 120 hours of one curve.
Historical alarm 120 hours, synchronized with it Full Disclosure.
Function Smart-screen guide.
Alarm indicator light on the top monitor it.
Efficient detection of arrhythmias: Includes software he arrhythmias EC1, 23 different types of arrhythmias including them all in Nihon Kohden monitors.
Includes software he patented activation measuring the pressure in invasive based on the
measurement del tiempo transit of the pulse wave (PWTT)
Recorder Heat 3 channels, optional
Alarm system with hierarchical classification.
Includes one battery autonomy of 3 hours for patient transfers it
Communication beds interconnected.
Manejo, channels, size and color of digits:
Touch Screen LCD type color TFT high-resolution 10.4'', points 800×600 resolution with wide viewing angle.
4 channels, curves of dynamic parameters, 2 ECG, SpO2 and respiration.
User interface: touch screen sencillo manejo intuitive and fast, simply touch the screen it on we want to see the change. He sized them figures on the screen adapts automatically to all provechar the screen and optimize the viewing distance from it. If you can sign 12 colors freely assign them to different parameters. Besides it has screen mode numbers for the enlarged distance vision.
Screens configurable them with all functions integrated in them Mismo, using shortcut keys.
Range of application: adult, pediatric and neonatal.
Function interconnected bed: If you can sign display rod 8 beds interconnected Hacienda function of central monitoring pudiendo see them curves monitored, with numerical values ​​and capacity to silence alarms remotely.
Modularity: the concept of modularity
Multi-Module standard, housed in it with them siguiente monitor parameters: ECG (3, 6 latiguillos), breathing, PNI, SpO2, pulse, and TEMP esCCO
Curves and surveillance parameters: dynamic curves 4 and more than 11 parameters
Electrocardiogram and FC 3, curves 8 / derivations simultáneas.Cuatro types of filters: against electromagnetic interference from Other equipment against AC hum, against downloads and filter defibrillator muscle. Election by the user him it intensity interference filter (diagnosis, monitoring to the maximum).
Software "EC1" liable "multi-template matching" to multiderivación analysis of arrhythmias: storage and later review of rod 120 hours of saved episodes of arrhythmia than 10 seconds.
Software arrhythmias advanced classification in 23 different categories of advanced arrhythmias.
Respirograma by FR and impedance.
SpO2, and pletismografía FP algorithm "NPI" quality index pulse of it, which optimizes the quality of the signal in patients in Motion, baja perfusion and external noise produced by otros electromedical equipment. Probe finger esterilizable.
Pressure for invasive oscilometría, 0 to 300 mmHg. Limiter del tiempo inflated cuff.
View the PNI systolic, diastolic and mean. Ways of measuring the pressure in invasive: manual demand, automatic (repeat at intervals programmed by the user him), continuous (repeat every minute for 15 minutes) and so PWTT (tiempo transit of the pulse wave): it uses ECG, the SpO2 and the PNI; with this mode enabled, in case it between 2 measurements scheduled in the PNI Hubie change critical hemodinámico he PWT detect it and trigger one measurement to the PNI su confirmation. Acoustic warning signal the end of the measurement. View systolic value initial screen, updated with each measurement. Muestra el tiempo remaining stem the next measurement.
Continuous cardiac output in invasive esCCO (option), it cost calculation through him PWTT (Pulse Wave Transit Time) Technology that allows the measurement of it spent through him ECG, SpO2 and NIBP it.
Temperature: 1 rod channel.
Invasive pressure: a channel for curves. Autocero to them and autoetiquetado pressures of the position transducer him. Ajuste manual to automatic scales.
CO2 and capnograma method by mainstream (in invasive sampling) for patients and the tubed tubed. Measuring spectrum-photometry for the tubed.
Alarm and Security Systems:
Alarm system with hierarchical classification in 4 levels: crisis (red) warning (blinks yellow) warning (yellow continuous) and system (blue) Messages screen.
Distinction between alarms and clinical techniques:
Clinical Alarm: upper and lower limits of all the parameters vital.
Alarm techniques: (in pierde monitoring, ni Riesgo for it involves patient): sueltas connector, noise, electrode sueltas, sueltas probe, check cuff, check sensor, battery baja.
Indicators: light at the top monitor it, Messages illuminated screen parameter it because of the alarm, in addition to acoustic sounds different according su level of gravity.
Historical alarm: it monitor guard rod 120 hours of archives alarm. Selecting Cualquiera of ella is skipped directly to the corresponding curve it full disclosure of curves.
Color codes: he cable each parameter tiene el mismo color he connector module where it is aloja. In addition to physical form different one for each cable-connector = impossible to introduce a bell cable es en su own connector.
User guide and solution incorporated in it doubts monitor software, smart guide to monitor it, cuando occurs some technical alarm is activated a tag, the query in order to display one problem solution al.

Trends charts rod 120 hours of all the parameters, with the windows selected by him tiempo user: 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 24 hours.
Tabular Trends: 2 lists of trends:
All the parameters monitored: the intervals selected by him tiempo user (up to 120 hours of measurements). Ventanas de tiempo: 1, 5, 10, 30, 60 min.
With each measurement the PNI (120 hours of stored data / measurements).
Full Disclosure: ability to store 120 times stem ECG y otras him 4 more curves the parameters associated to su later review.
Power supply:
Integrated power Fuente en el interior del monitor. Operation of 100 to 240V AC
Battery autonomy of 3 hours for operation independent of network, integrated within it easy to monitor substitution
Luminous indicators of network operation to the battery and battery charge.

Physical data:
Dimensions 283x240x143 mm
Total weight: 3.5 kg
Main unit monitoring
Juego accessories, Includes:
K922 cable, ECG coxión
K911, Juego 3 3 latiguillos ECG derivations
K931 cable connection SpO2 probe
S944C, adult cuff, latex are 15 cm
S902, pipe connection sleeve
G203, Box of disposable electrodes 1
Adult reusable cuff 13 cm to arms from 21 to 30 cm
Battery 9.6V, 2900mAh; to BMS-3000/6000
BluPRO SpO2 finger probe reusable, washable for adults and nests of more than 20 kg