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Ambulatorisk blodtrycksmonitor och pulsoximeter NIBP + SPO2

5090 kr


Product description


Blood pressure monitor and pulsoximeter

General information:

This device not only measures the ambulatory blood pressure but also monitors the NIBP and SpO2 parameters. It only applies to adults. This compact and lightweight monitor features parameters measurement modules and displaying functions. The power switch is at the front panel. Once the monitor is on, the indicator lights at the front will light up.

What is SpO2 Monitoring?:

Spo2 Plethysmogram measurement is used to determine the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood. For example, if there are 97% of the hemoglobin molecules in red cells of the arterial blood in combination with oxygen, blood has an oxygen saturation Spo2 of 97%. Spo2 figure will read 97%. Spo2 shows the percentage of hemoglobin molecules combined with oxygen molecules to form oxyhemoglobin. Spo2/pleth parameter can also provide a signal pulse and a plethysmogram wave.

How is SpO2 measured?
Arterial oxygen saturation is measured by a method known as pulse oximetry. A continuous noninvasive method based on different absorption spectra of reduced hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin. It measures how much light sent from different sources in one side of the probe is transmitted through the patient's tissue to the other side.
The amount of transmitted light depends on several factors, most of which are constant. However, one of these factors, the blood flow in the arteries, varies with time because it is a pulse factor. By measuring the light absorption during pulsation, it is possible to derive the oxygen saturation in arterial blood. Detecting pulsation gives PLETH wave and pulse signal.

Included accessories:

• Adult armband
• USB data line
• Oximetry probe (only for model ABPM50. Model QM-ABPM50 is only NIBP)
• Disk (PC software)
• Pouch
• User guide
• Protective sleeve
• AA batteries


• Length: 37 cm
• Width: 24 cm
• Height: 6 cm

Optional accessories:

Only for model QM-ABPM50: