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  /    /  Magnetterapi, Medicinsk teknik  /  Magnetterapi utrustning VARIMAG-2E med 2 utgångar och extra solenoid Extra solenoid 30 cm

Magnetterapi utrustning VARIMAG-2E med 2 utgångar och extra solenoid Extra solenoid 30 cm

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Product description

Team-2E VARIMAG magnet with 2 outputs, solenoid and solenoid 75 cm extra.

-570-HELMG17 Reference: Solenoid extra 30 cms.
570-HELMG17A Referral: Solenoid extra 50 cms.

Technical specifications:

The team VARIMAG-2E is a significant advance in the field of magnet to gather all those characteristics that have been observed in our research center after checking the excellent results obtained in patients treated throughout the Spanish geography, in specialized centers.

VARIMAG team is the latest generation of magnet equipment, developed with advanced technology and achieved through the use of microprocessors. Allows a fully automated access to therapies 14 (select the numbers from 1 to 14) who have been carefully selected, tested and verified their results to facilitate the treatment of 90% of the more common conditions. These therapies can not be modified or deleted as they have been introduced in the ROM to avoid any incorrect operation.

Lets make a simple and easy new therapies, entering through the keyboard: Frequency, Intensity Magnetic solenoid position and partial and total times deemed appropriate for treating each condition. It also allows the recording of future therapies in 36 reports, which can be reprogrammed as many times as desired. Each new therapy is key record number of 15 to 50 which will subsequently be selected. To reset a memory sufficient to enter new data and burn therapy with the same number key you want to delete.

  • Magnetic field: Continuous and pulsed.
  • Magnetic intensity: 180 G peak in 8 different values
  • Recurring frequency: 10 different values ​​between 1 and 50 Hz
  • Movement of the solenoid, with 99 positions.
  • 14 Therapies automatic without the possibility of deleting them.
  • 36 Therapies automatic with the ability to erase and record again.
Technical data:
Mains voltage 220
Intensity 4 A
Frequency 50 Hz
Size of table 199 x 62 x 70 cm
Solenoid dimensions for both reference-standard! 75 cm
Size of extra solenoid Referral-570-HELMG17! 30 cm
Size of extra solenoid Referral-570-HELMG17A! 50 cm
Included accessories:
  • Team magnet with 2 outputs.
  • Camilla aluminum (non-ferromagnetic material) and fully automated wood. Solenoid movement with 99 different positions.
  • Solenoid 75 cm in diameter.
  • Solenoid extra 30 cm in diameter (for Reference 570-HELMG17).
  • Solenoid extra 50 cm in diameter (for Reference 570-HELMG17A).
  • Instructions.

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