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Intelect shortware 100 (100-240V)

95500 kr


Product description

Intelect Shortwave 100 provides thermal and athermal effects by selecting qualitative dosimetry (I-IV). The output power shall meet the requirements of most clinical applications of diathermy.

  • Treatment settings thermal dosimetry indicators, direct link or Clinical Protocols ™.
  • 200 positions of user-defined protocol.
  • Over 90 Clinical Protocols ™ incorporated.
  • Clinical resources include: full color Graphic Library pathology and anatomical images. More than 140 images of placement of the applicators.
  • Justification for diathermy.
  • Contraindications diathermy.
  • Power generation using a solid state amp high efficiency, controlled by microprocessor.
  • Average power of 64 W in pulsed mode (max).
  • Pulse amplitude and frequency fully adjustable.
  • DC mode and press Select.
  • 100 W in continuous mode.
  • 200 W in pulsed mode.
  • Documentation of patient treatment sessions, patient pain scores before and after treatment, pain and maps detailing all types of pain in the patient data card.
  • LCD touch screen interface, full color.
  • Multilingual software.
  • Adjustable treatment timer.
  • Automatic adjustment of resonance.
  • Two output channels.
  • Interface with 360 ° swivel rotation.
  • Electrode arms (2 units) pivoting, articulated and robust.
  • Patient safety switch.
  • 2 year warranty.
Technical characteristics:
  • Product Weight: 27 Kg
  • Product Length: 42 cm
  • Product Width: 41 cm
  • Product Height: 97 cm
  • Power supply: 100 Intelect Shortwave
  • Output frequency: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Output power: 27.12 MHz
  • Pulse Width: 20-400 microseconds
  • Pulse Rate: 10-800 Hz
  • Treatment time: 1-60 minutes
  • Electrical Safety Class: Class B
  • Safety Tests: IEC / EN 60601-1, IEC / EN 60601-2-3, IEC / EN 60601 – 1-4

Intelect Shortwave 100 has been designed to use both capacitive and inductive applicators. The capacitive electrodes, also called field condenser electrodes, are characterized by the use of two applicators that are placed on either side of the body area to be treated. These produce strong electric fields and are recommended for superficial body sites. Inductive electrodes, also known as eddy current electrodes, typically consist of a single inductive drum is placed over the area to be treated. Inductive applicators produce a strong magnetic field and are best placed to address areas of soft tissue injury.

Standard accessories
  • Capacitive electrodes 120 mm (2 units).
  • Connection cable (2 units).
  • Discharge indicator tube.
  • User Manual CD.