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  /    /  Hypertermi och diatermi, Medicinsk teknik  /  Diatermi tekarterapi resistiv Diacare 1000 75W

Diatermi tekarterapi resistiv Diacare 1000 75W

76500 kr

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Product description

Diathermy Resistive Tecar Therapy Diacare 1000

  • Diathermy or Tecar therapy (Resistive Capacitive Energy Transfer) is a technique that stimulates energy within the biological tissues, activating regenerative and anti-inflammatory natural processes. An electromagnetic or electric field is applied to the tissues which promptly modulated can act selectively on the muscle fibers, tendons, joints, bones and blood vessels.
  • Thanks to its resistive mode it proves particularly suitable for making an effective therapeutic action on disorders of bone tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints and cure of painful syndromes correlated.
  • Features 16 preset programmes that allow applications to treat: osteoarthritis, arthritis, bursitis, neck pain, chondropathy, contracture, bruises, distortions, injuries, dislocations, periatritis, sciatica, dislocation, stretching, tearing, tendinitis.
  • Monotrode (included): Special head which allows diathermy treatment without a return electrode, making it possible to act in specific areas and without requiring the presence of another person.
  • Diatrode (included): Pair of fixed electrodes for resistive therapy adhesives.
  • Dualtrode (optional): Resitive electrode pair for active therapy consisting of a round head uninsulated surface and rectangular electrode by self-adhesive.

Technical specifications:

  • Power: 300W
  • Outputs: 1
  • Programmes: 16
  • Transmission frequency: 470 kHz
  • Power supply: 220V 50/60 Hz Network
  • Backlit display.
  • Coupling system: Resistive 

Included accessories:

  • (1) Unit Diacare 1000
  • (1) Cable Dia-Trode
  • (1) Resistive head MonoTrode
  • (5) Electrodes Dia-Trode
  • (1) Electrode Diatrode M
  • (1) Gel
  • (1) Carrying case
  • (1) User Manual