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Professionell fetalt detektor kompakt design

14000 kr


Product description

Professional fetal detector with compact design.

Intended use and application:

  • The fetal monitor can record the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions in pregnancies of more than 28 weeks in order to provide baseline data for clinical use.
  • Dual heart rate monitoring allows simultaneous monitoring of two heart rates in case of twin pregnancy. It is possible thanks to the use of two ultrasound probes (1) and an external contraction probe (TOCO) with a recorder. 
  • The monitor can simultaneously display the FHR, TOCO and FMOV (fetal movement) values by analyzing their mutual relationships in order to evaluate, among others, the physiological and pathological status of the fetus and the development of pregnancy.
  • Suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices and home health care.

(1) The machine includes a probe as standard, the second one is optional and can be purchased separately.


  • Lightweight and user-friendly design.
  • LCD colour display 8’’ turn radius 60°.
  • Basic functions: FHR, TOCO, fetal movement, double monitoring and automatic recognition channel.
  • Automatic detection of fetal movement, displays contractions of the uterus.
  • Clear display of patient data and curve.
  • Software for data storage and analysis.
  • Normal FHR range 120-160 bpm.
  • Manual recording of fetal movement.
  • Audible and visual alarms to indicate high and low fetal heart rate.
  • Continuous monitoring function in real time 24 hours.
  • Continuous patient curve and data storage for 12 hours, reproduction and printing.
  • Freeze function.
  • Interface in English.
  • Individual or twin monitoring (second probe not included). 
  • 9 crystal broad band pulsed wave transducer.
  • Built-in thermal printer (long life and high resolution).
  • Connection to PC and network (RJ45 interface). 
  • Two built-in rechargeable batteries, it can work for two hours without external power.


  • Dimensions: 320 mm (length) × 260 mm (width) × 80 mm (height)
  • Weight: ca. 3 kg
  • Safety: The monitor complies with the following standards: CEI 60601-1-4, CEI 60601-1-2
  • Type of protection against electric shock: Type I
  • Level of protection against electric shock: B
  • Level of protection against harmful water ingress: Equipment without immersion protection
  • Level of water protection for the transducer: IPX1
  • Degree of safety in presence of flammable gases: Not suitable for use in presence of flammable gases
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: Group I Class A
  • Mode: Continuous
  • Power supply:

    • Rated voltage: AC 100 V~240 V
    • Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz
    • P<60 VA
    • Fuse: T1.6AL250V
  • Environmental conditions

    • Transport and storage:
    • Temperature: -10 °C ~55 °C
    • Relative humidity: ≤93%
    • Environmental pressure: 700 hPa~1060 hPa
  • Operation environment

    • Temperature: 5 °C~ 40 °C
    • Relative humidity: ≤80%
    • Environmental pressure: 700 hPa~1060 hPa
  • Display

    • Dimensions: LCD colour display 8”, turn radius 60º.
    • Display contents: bed number, pregnancy weeks, age, paper speed, date, time, volume, alarm status, probe connection status, printer status, FHR data and wave, data and wave of contraction, number and mark of fetal movement, etc.
  • Print

    • Z fold paper
    • Print width: 112 mm
    • Valid print width: 104 mm
    • Paper speed: 1 cm/min, 2 cm/min, 3 cm/min (optional)
    • Data accuracy: ±5 % (X Roll), ±1 % (Y Roll)
    • Display contents: hospital, bed number, name, pregnancy weeks, patient no., paper speed, date, time, FHR data and wave, data and wave of contraction, number and mark of fetal movement, etc.
  • Network port: RJ 45

    • Type of battery: two rechargeable batteries, 3700 mAh/ 3.7 V
    • Ultrasound probe

      • Rated frequency 1.0 MHz
      • Operation frequency: 1.0 MHz ± 10%
      • Max negative sound pressure: p_<1 MPa
      • Beam output intensity: Iob<20 mW/cm2
      • Spatial-peak average intensity Ispta<100 mW/cm2
      • Spatial average temporal average intensity Isata<10 mW/cm2
      • FHR range: 50 bpm~240 bpm
      • Resolution: 1 bpm
      • Accuracy: ±2 bpm
  • TOCO

    • TOCO range: 0~100 %
    • Resolution: 1%
    • Error not linear: <±10 %
    • RZ way: Manual
  • Remote marker

    • When indicated by the remote marker (activated by the patient), a mark will appear in the lower area of FHR wave display.
    • FHR alarm:
    • Alarm when FHR exceeds or falls below set limits.
  • Probes

    • Ultrasound probe

      • System: Pulsed Doppler
      • Dimensions: 90 mm × 65 mm
  • TOCO probe

    • System: Passive strain gauge
    • Dimensions: 102 mm × 50 mm
  • Remote marker

    • Length: 96 mm

Accessories included:

  • Ultrasound probe.
  • TOCO probe and remote marker.
  • Belt.
  • Print paper (Z fold paper, 112 mm).