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  /    /  Elektrostimulatorer, GLOBUS El-stimulatorer, Medicinsk teknik  /  Moto Globus electro Pro 4 kanaler med 256 program

Moto Globus electro Pro 4 kanaler med 256 program

6530 kr


Product description

Electrostimulator 4 channels Globus Moto Pro with 256 programmes. It tackles all the aspects involved in the motorcyclist physical fitness.

256 programmes:

  • 58 fitness.
  • 53 sport.
  • 36 beauty.
  • 32 special motorcycling.
  • 23 microcurrents.
  • 18 Serial Sequential Stimulation ("3S").
  • 13 face/ skin/ G-pulse.
  • 12 pain/ TENS.
  • 7 Action Now.
  • 3 rehabilitation.
  • 1 ionophoresis.

Specific programmes for motorcycling:

They are divided into three areas:

  • Physical training:

    • 19 programmes created to improve the muscular quality of the motorcyclist, considering the specific needs of the users who practise motocross or drive a road bike. Objectives:

      • To improve driving and to increase driving hours without feeling muscular pain.
      • To train the muscles of users who practise motocross/ enduro or drive in unpaved circuits with specific programmes.
      • To train the endurance of the muscles of hands and foreams to allow a good adherence to the handlebar.
      • To strenghten lumbar muscles in order to maintain a right driving position for a long time.
      • To improve effort endurance and thus lucidity in driving.
    • Programmes:

      • Motocross /Enduro/ Unpaved road:

        • Specific reinforcement.
        • Endurance.
        • Pre competition activation.
      • Road bike:

        • Specific reinforcement.
  • Pain-accidents (injuries):

    • 9 programmes to treat traumatisms and the common disorders of motorcyclists. There are specific treatments:

      • To loosen up the muscular tension in the cervical area and in shoulders.
      • To enhance the absorption of  hematomas and contusions.
      • To relieve muscular and articular pain such as backache, shoulder pain, wrist pain, etc.
      • For knee sprains and inflammations of the patellar tendon.
    • Programmes:

      • Cervical pain.
      • Muscular contractures.
      • TENS lumbar antagonics.
      • TENS antagonics knee pain.
      • Hematomas.
      • Contusions.
      • Knee sprain.
      • Inflammation of patellar tendon.
  • Recovery:

    • 4 programmes for muscular relaxation. Objectives:

      • To loosen up the contracted muscles after one training day.
      • To accelerate recovery between sessions if the user participates in several races in a day.
      • To relieve neck and trapezius muscle when they are tired due to the helmet.
    • Programmes:

      • Relaxing.

* The programmes can be divided into body areas. Thus, they offer specific and personalised treatments according to the muscle to stimulate.

Technical data:

  • Channels: 4 independent channels.
  • Frequency: 0.3 – 150 Hz.
  • Power: 120 mA per channel.
  • Pulse width: 40 – 450 μs.
  • Wave form: square, biphasic, symmetrical, compensated.
  • Power supply: rechargeable battery.
  • Backlit display.
  • Device Class II A.
  • Meets Directive 93/42/CEE-2007/47/CEE.


  • 1 case.
  • 1 Moto Pro stimulator.
  • 4 cables for connection to electrodes.
  • 2 cables for treatments with MCR and ionophoresis.
  • 4 square self-adhesive electrodes.
  • 4 rectangular self-adhesive electrodes.
  • 1 battery charger.
  • 1 user's manual.

Special functions:

  • Two innovative technologies:


      • The sequential contraction of the different muscular groups produces a deep pressure wave in the musculature involved causing the interstitial fluid drainage and enhancing the return of the venous blood to the heart.

      • It enables to activate the muscular contraction through an external control managed by an operator. In this way it is possible to link the stimulation to the voluntary contraction to obtain a greater recruitment of muscular fibers and an important coordinating effect.
  • Multi-user:

    • It permits to store up to 10 different users and to create a library of personalised programmes depending on individual aims.
  • Syncrostim:

    • It is possible to increase the intensity of the 4 channels simultaneously using only one button.
  • Run time function:

    • This function permits to modify the time, the frequency and the pulse amplitude during the treatment
  • Automatic mode (Auto Stim):

    • It permits to execute a programme in automatic mode with no need of intervening manually in the intensity regulation.
  • Programmable:

    • 15 free memories, only for EMS and TENS.
  • 2+2 function:

    • It permits to run two different programmes simultaneously.
  • Favourites:

    • It permits to store up to 15 programmes for each user.
  • Last 10:

    • It stores the last 10 executed programmes.
  • Skin-face treatments:

    • G-Pulse currents, able to regenerate the production of collagen in tissues.
  • Work time:

    • It indicates the total work time.
  • My trainer:

    • It shows the electrode position on the display
  • Stim lock:

    • It allows to block the device and perform only the treatments that have been stored.