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Elektrostimulator med 4 kanaler GENESY 3000 REHAB, 180 program

14400 kr


Product description

The Globus electro Genesy Rehab 3000 becomes an ideal tool for professional use in rehabilitation, with which the patient benefits potencialmetne in medical, rehabilitation and physiotherapy at the hardware and software through its implementation.
Its dimensions and ergonomic design make it a tool that can be used both as a fixed station as a portable unit designed to be used in the tratameinto of pain, to promote rejuvenation of tissue and for treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction.
The programs have been designed to meet the post-traumatic and recover those who have undergone surgery and your operating system allows to achieve more rapid and effective rehabilitation of persons injured or to reduce, while The possibility of further pain.


– Streams: 6 different types of flows
Current EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation)
Current TENS (Trans cutaneus Nerve Stimulation)
Current MENS (Micro Current Stimulation)
Triangular wave current and Keystone for the denervated muscle
Kotz current sine wave
Current Triangular and Trapezoidal wave to denervated muscle
Continuous Current for Iontophoresis

– Applications: 8 application areas
Functional Rehabilitation (EMS and MENS)
Pain therapy (TENS and MENS)
Pain Therapy endorphins (TENS and MENS)
Diagnosis and Treatment of denervated muscle paralysis
Rehabilitative treatment (Kotz and Interferential)
Drug Therapy Deep (Ionophoresis)
High Level Sports Training (EMS)
Cosmetic Treatment (EMS, MENS)

– Functions as standard
• PROGRAM EASY: Get a faster programming.
• MY TRAINER: display all images of the positioning of the electrodes
directly on the display.
• STIM FIT: to modify the program of contraction during stimulation.
• FAST MENU: Get a menu navigation faster.
• STIM LOCK: allows the therapist to the patient only used on programs that
have been prewritten.
• WORK TIME: displays the actual time machine use by all

– Special Features
• DUAL STIM 2 +2: possible to use two different programs simultaneously.
• AUTO STIM: The only stimulant that gets used a program in automatic mode
without having to manually intervene on its regulation.
• SYNCROSTIM: by pressing a single button you can increase the intensity of the 4
channels simultaneously.
• MULTI-USER: Get the stimulator sharing among multiple users
maintaining memorized the respective programs, preferences and applications.
• MEMO FUNCTION: able to create a library of customized programs.
• LAST 10: memorizes the last program run, so that is ready for
be used to quickly and easily implemented.


Wave Type: Symmetrical biphasic square wave offset
Channels: 4
Frequency: 0.3 – 150 Hz
Pulse length: 45-450 microseconds
Power / Battery: 18V – 3.3A / 12 V, 2000 mAh


Dimensions: A = 17 x L = 21 x H = 6 cm
Weight: 500 gr


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