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  /    /  Elektrostimulatorer, Medicinsk teknik  /  Electroestimulador Veinoplus Sport för återvinning sport

Electroestimulador Veinoplus Sport för återvinning sport

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Product description

Veinoplus® Sport electro stimulator specifically developed to accelerate sports recovery.

Recovery is essential in all sports. Veinoplus® Sport brings the exclusive "Dual Recovery" concept.
Applied on calves, it allows a global recovery thanks to the activation of the so-called "Second Heart". Used on other muscles, it provides local recovery (pain relief, prevention of cramps …).
It is a medical device that complies with the 93/42/EEC standard specifically developed to accelerate recovery after an effort.

Why use Veinoplus Sport?

  • Recovery equivalent to active recovery.
  • Clinically proven results.
  • Easy to use with just one programme.
  • Efficiency backed by professionals in all sports.

When to use Veinoplus Sport:

  • After training sessions.
  • During competitions.

How does it work?

  • Apply the electrodes on calves for global recovery, or on other muscles for local recovery.
  • Increase the intensity slowly and progressively, in order to see and feel deep muscle contractions.
  • Easy to use with just one programme. It automatically turns off after 30 minutes (you can stop the stimulation any time).
  • There is no risk of overuse, you can use it as many times as you need.
  • Veinoplus only takes a few minutes to be efficient.


Depending on the type and intensity of your training, you can choose between 2 complementary recovery modalities:

Global recovery:
Applied on the calf muscles, VEINOPLUS sport activates the recovery of the whole body.

  • Faster elimination of metabolites accumulated during exercise (lactate).
  • Faster return to initial pH.
  • Increased blood circulation (arterial flow and venous return).

Local recovery:
It is used in conjunction with global recovery. It targets specific muscles involved in sport.

  • Drainage effect on post-traumatic edema and faster reabsorption of hematomas.
  • Faster local elimination of metabolites by increasing arterial blood flow containing nutrients and oxygen.

The local recovery mode can meet the specific needs of every sport.

Box content:

  • Veinoplus® Sport.
  • Accessories:

    • 1 pair of electrodes (Ref. 516-AG896350).
    • Cables.
    • 9V battery.
    • Carrying bag.
    • Strap.