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Electroestimulador Veinoplus DVT

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Product description

VeinoPlus DVT electro stimulator specifically designed to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

It shuts down automatically after three operation hours and offers 3,000 contractions designed to increase blood flow and speed. This cyclic pattern clears venous sinuses, and prevents venous stasis and deep vein thrombosis.

D.V.T (Deep vein thrombosis) is the formation of a blood clot (thrombus) in the deep veins. It commonly occurs in calves and thighs and is a risk phenomenon. There are several factors that may increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis, such as surgery, especially orthopedic surgery in the lower extremities, urologic surgery, neurosurgery, etc.

It is used in hospitals and after discharge in most cases of DVT risk: in situations of high DVT risk surgery and high-risk patients.

Why use VeinoPlus DVT?

  • Elimination of venous stasis in the lower extremities.
  • Prevention of blood accumulation.
  • Prevention of thrombus.
  • Acceleration of the velocity of blood.
  • Physiological action (like the calf muscle pump).

When to use VeinoPlus DVT:

  • Situations of high vein thrombosis risk: orthopedic surgery, abdominal surgery, neuro-surgery, multiple trauma …
  • High-risk patients: patients with cancer, history of venous thrombosis, overweight, long immobilisation, inherited coagulation disorder, elderly …

How does it work?

  • Apply the electrodes on the concerned leg (or legs), in a sitting, semi-recumbent or lying position.
  • Increase the intensity slowly and progressively, in order to see and feel deep muscle contractions.
  • Easy to use: a single programme, automatic shutdown after 180 minutes.
  • No risk of overuse: the more you use the device, the better.

Box content:

  • VeinoPlus DVT
  • Accessories:

    • 1 pair of electrodes (Ref. 516-AG896350).
    • 1 battery.
    • 1 carrying bag.
    • 1 strap.