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Elektrostimulator Tens professionell 2-kanaler och 12 program

1350 kr


Product description


Electric stimulator by Tens, for a professional usage, 2 channels, 12 programmes and a manual mode.


Electric therapy has proven its great value as a method in the treatment of pain and a great help to the experienced therapist.


  • The subject is an electric stimulator with double channels for the application of an active treatment, equipped with a liquid crystal display to indicate the operating modes and output, as well as an equipment of an 8-bit micro chip to control the system.
  • The electronics in the subject create electric impulses: the intensity, duration, frequency per second and the modulation of these impulses can be adjusted by the button or by command.
  • It generates electric impulses whose amplitude, duration and modulation can be altered by the controls or buttons.
  • The device controls are very easy to use and the sliding cover prevents the user from accidental changes of the configuration.

Technical specifications:

  • Channel: Dual, isolated between channels.
  • Intensity of the pulse: Adjustable within a 0 – 80mA peak with 500 ohm load in each channel, with a constant current.
  • Frequency of the pulse: 2 Hz – 120 Hz (pre-set) or 1 – 160Hz adjustable.
  • Width of the pulse: 60μs – 260μs (preset) or 50 – 300μs adjustable.
  • Automatic block: Prevents the user from changing fixed parameters. If no button is pressed within 10 seconds, the key lock is activated.
  • Conformance meter: Shows the treatment time in hours.
  • Timer: 15, 30, 60 minutes and continuously selectable.
  • LCD: Shows the modes CH1/CH2, time meter and the intensity of CH1/CH2.
  • Function modes:

    • P1: Continuous mode, 15 Hz and 260μs.
    • P2: Burst mode, 260μs.
    • P3: Continuous mode, 120 Hz and 260μs.
    • P4: DD (Dense-Dispersion Modulation), 2 HZ/260μs/3 s and 15Hz/180μs/3sec.
    • P5: DD (Dense-Dispersion Modulation), 2 HZ/260μs/3 s and 100Hz/140μs/3sec.
    • P6: Width modulation mode, 80HZ and 169 <-> 260μs, time cycle of 6 seconds.
    • P7: MR-modus (modulation speed), 100 <-> 3 Hz, 260μs, time cycle of 6 seconds.
    • P8: Continuous mode, 80Hz and 60μs.
    • P9: Continuous mode, 10Hz and 80μs.
    • P10: P1-> P2-> P3-> P4-> P5-> P6-> P7 in the cyclus, 1 min / mode.
    • P11: C-modus (continuous) with adjustable speed and width.
    • P12: MW (witdth modulation) Mode with adjustable speed and width.
  • PS The mode content:

    • Burst: Cycle burst, 2 burst/second, 9 pulses/burst, 1000 Hz.
    • Continuous mode: Continuous output.
    • Modulated width: The width of the impulses vary automatically with an interval of 6 seconds.
    • The range of pulse width modulation:  It´s -35% and the setting back to -35% happens in a time cycle of 6 seconds.
    • Modulation rate (MR): MR is to alter the pulse rate from 3 Hz to 100 Hz and then back to 3 Hz in a cycle time of 6 seconds.
    • Waveform: Asymmetric biphasic square pulse.
    • Voltage: 0-110 volts (open circuit).
    • Maximum load per pulse: 24 micro coulombs.
    • Energy source: Alkaline battery of 9 volts.
    • Dimensions: 122 (H) x 65 (X) x 25 (W)mm.
    • Weight: 110 g (battery excluded).
    • Dimensions case: 6 x 25 x 20 cm.
    • Total weight: 500 g.
    • All electrical specifications are: ±10% 500Ω load


  • Unit.
  • A case for transporting made out of PVC.
  • 2 current cables.
  • 4 Electrodes.
  • Alkaline battery (9V).
  • User´s manual.