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Electroestimulador Bluetens smartphone 2ch

2590 kr


Product description

Bluetens is the first connected electro stimulator.
Developed by a French team, it is certified medical and will finally help you get better.
Bluetens generates an electric current that, depending on frequency, intensity and duration, will help you recover, relax or fortify in total freedom.
Whether you need a natural pain killer, relaxation after a rough day, an active recovery solution, or fortification, Bluetens is the solution for you.

*Smartphone not included.


Bluetens is the only electrostimulation device to be run by dedicated mobile application. It is thanks to this that it is so small, intelligent, mobile and evolvable. Together, they promise unlimited number of programmes and new features, so that Bluetens can truly become a long-term companion. A revolution in a market where professional devices are complex, immutable, expensive and heavy, while those for the general public lack power, programmes and efficiency.


  • Certified medical device.
  • More than 150 programmes to treat 15 different body areas, perfect for different types of athletes who train different muscle groups.
  • Managed via an app on a Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) compatible smartphone.
  • Compatible with Android 4.3 and above. IOS 7 and above.
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery that can be charged using the USB port.
  • Intensity can be adjusted from the device.
  • 3 actions:

    • Care: Programmes developed by our experts, which will relieve your pain and allow you to recover faster without any injury. A gentle action, 100% natural and used by all physiotherapists.
    • Relaxation: Unusual physical effort, sudden stress, tiring day… our relaxing massages will relieve you and give you a feeling of well-being quickly.
    • Fitness: Muscle strength training programmes. Train anywhere and anytime you need.
  • 5 effects:

    • Knocking: True percussion sensation, resulting in increased muscle temperature and preparation for exertion. You have the feeling that your physiotherapist is knocking your muscles with fingertips.
    • Kneading: This function kneads your muscles and relaxes them in-depth. Relaxing massage, improving blood circulation and cleaning metabolites. Use this effect to relax muscles and relieve tensions quickly.
    • Pressure: It is the most used effect. Soothing and relaxing sensation when the physiotherapist's hand slides over the skin. Depending on the intensity, you will notice it for the first time on the skin. Increase the intensity to feel the muscular tension fade.
    • Friction: You will feel a diffuse effect, like a tingling. Use this option to relieve pain.
    • Contraction: You will feel your muscle contract and relax. Therefore, Bluetens helps to strengthen and tone your muscles. This action is often followed by a knocking effect to prepare them for training.


  • Weight: 25 gr
  • Size: 4 x 6 cm
  • Charge: 1 h of charge = 5 hours of use
  • Battery: 3.7V 400 mAH
  • Voltage: 0-70V
  • Frequency: 1Hz-1200 Hz
  • Output current: maximum 300 mA (peak) average 20mA
  • Output power: maximum 100 V (without charge) 65 V (with charge)
  • USB (charging): 5 V 1000 mA, 5.0W

Box content:

  • 1 Bluetens
  • 1 user's manual
  • Accessories:

    • 1 Pack of 12 electrodes
    • 1 USB cable for charging
    • 1 snap cable to connect the electrodes
    • 1 waterproof pouch