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Electro TENS och EMS 4 förprogrammerade kanaler

2040 kr


Product description

Professional TENS and EMS electro stimulator with 4 channels and 50 programmes, 45 of which are preset.


The MH8001 professional TENS and EMS electro stimulator with 4 channels and 50 programmes is one of the best options within its range thanks to its specifications and features. Moreover, it offers an excellent value for money. Its main advantages are:

  • 4 channels in an only device:

    • It disminishes the treatment time by half if compared with a 2 channels device.
  • 50 programmes, 45 of which are preset:

    • It offers specific programmes to treat most pathologies or to cover the sports applications that the user may need.
  • The device can be powered by a 9V battery (included) or plugged to the electric mains (optional power cable, not included. See reference 1015-PE01).

Scope of use:

  • Rehabilitation centers.
  • Mutual insurance companies.
  • Hospitals.
  • Outpatient clinics.
  • Sportspeople.
  • Physiotherapists.
  • Clubs, associations and sports centers.


  • Rehabilitation and treatment of post-operative pain.
  • Arthrosis and chronic musculoskeletal pain.
  • Suitable for sportspeople:

    • Pre-training warming up.
    • Post-training recovery.
    • Endurance.
    • Maximum strength.
    • Explosive strength.
    • Toning.
    • Definition.

Technical specifications:

Programmes 50 programmes: 5 configurable ones and 45 set for pain, massage, rehabilitation, drainage, warming up, recovery, maximum strength, explosive strength, toning, lipolysis, endurance and definition.
Type of electro stimulator TENS and EMS.
Channels 4.
Amplitude Adjustable: 0-100mA. Max output.: 100mA peak (22mA rms), with 500ohm load per channel.
Type of wave Asymmetric rectangular biphasic wave.
Power supply 9 volts battery (included) or power cable (not included, ref. 1015-PE01).
Dimensions 13.5 cm (height) x 8.6 cm (width) x 2.3 cm (depth).
Weight 160 grams.
Pulse rate 2 Hz to 20Hz in 1 Hz steps, and 20Hz to 120Hz in 5 Hz steps.
Pulse width 50μs to 400μs in 10 μs steps.
Output mode S, A, N, M, B, SD, MR.
Contraction time 2 to 90 seconds.
Relaxing time 2 to 90 seconds.
Ramp time 1 to 8 seconds.
Timer Continuous from or from 5 to 90 minutes.


45 TENS and EMS preset programmes (P6 – P50):

  • P6: Conventional TENS: Normal.
  • P7: Burst TENS, 2Hz: Burst.
  • P8: Burst TENS, 1Hz: Burst.
  • P9: Modulated pulse duration TENS (Cervical/shoulder TENS): SD, Amplitude modulation.
  • P10: Modulated pulse duration TENS (Lumbar/spine TENS): SD, Amplitude modulation.
  • P11: Combined frequency TENS: Combined frequency.
  • P12: Analgesic TENS: Frequency modulation.
  • P13: Burst TENS, sciatic nerve neuralgia: Burst.
  • P14: Cervical pain TENS: Frequency modulation.
  • P15: TENS for endorphine stimulation.
  • P16: TENS for pain in lower back.
  • P17: TENS for periarthritis.
  • P18: TENS for epicondyle pain.
  • P19: Massage for small groups of muscles: Frequency modulation.
  • P20: Massage for large groups of muscles: Frequency modulation.
  • P21: Trunk recovery: Frequency modulation.
  • P22: Lower limbs recovery: Frequency modulation.
  • P23: Upper limbs atrophy rehabilitation.
  • P24: Lower limbs atrophy rehabilitation.
  • P25: Warming up: Frequency modulation.
  • P26: Fatigue recovery: Normal.
  • P27: Trunk rehabilitation.
  • P28: Lower limbs rehabilitation.
  • P29: Forearm and calf alternate stimulation.
  • P30: Arm and thigh alternate stimulation.
  • P31: Forearm and calf simultaneous stimulation.
  • P32: Arm and thigh simultaneous stimulation.
  • P33: Maximum power in trunk.
  • P34: Maximum power in lower limbs.
  • P35: Trunk endurance.
  • P36: Lower limbs endurance.
  • P37: Explosive power.
  • P38: Calves toning.
  • P39: Thighs toning.
  • P40: Forearms toning.
  • P41: Arms toning.
  • P42: Buttocks and abdomen toning.
  • P43: Hip and thighs toning.
  • P44: Breast shaping.
  • P45: Face shaping.
  • P46: Buttocks shaping.
  • P47: Aeróbicos para las piernas.
  • P48: Lymphatic drainage in trunk.
  • P49: Lymphatic drainage in lower limbs.
  • P50: Buttocks lipolysis.

Accessories included:

  • Self-adhesive electrodes (4 pairs: 8 units).
  • 9V battery.
  • Lead wires (4 units).
  • Case.


  • Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices.