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  /    /  EKG - Digital 3 avledningar, Elektrokardiografi EKG, Medicinsk teknik  /  Bärbar EKG elektrokardiograf med 3 kanaler

Bärbar EKG elektrokardiograf med 3 kanaler

4970 kr


Product description

*This product is not available in the UK.

3 channel ECG Portable Electrocardiograph

  • It is designed to measure and record the ECG waveform and heart rate average adult patients.
  • Very easy to operate by the patients themselves.
  • It is suitable for domestic use and for quick review purposes in clinics or hospitals.
  • Can not be used to replace the normal ECG analysis or real-time monitoring. The measurement results serve as a useful reference for the doctor, but not suitable for direct diagnostic or analytical decision based on the information provided by this device


  • Small size, light and easy to carry.
  • One measurement button, easy to operate.
  • The ECG waveform and the interpretation of the results are clearly shown in the LCD dot matrix color.
  • You can display up to 19 different measurement results.
  • High capacity built-in memory, 24 hours storage and review records waveform on one channel, and 8 hours storage and review records waveforms on 3 channels.
  • Fast measurement using embedded metal electrodes, external wires (including bypass or limb and precordial chest lead) for optional long-term measurements.
  • Voice system available.
  • With the function of data management, data records can be reviewed and removed locally, in addition to loading on a PC.
  • You can set sleep time.
  • Power Saving Function

Technical specifications:

 ECG Measurements:

  • Amplification channels: 3.
  • Signal entry: 3 incorporated metal electrodes or external cable conductor (with 3/4 derivations).
  • Lead selection and measurement methods: Fast measurement by incorporated electrodes; measurement by external electrode 3-lead (single channel for lead I, II or III) or 4-lead (3 simultaneous channels for leads I, II and III)
  • Broadband ECG: 0,05 Hz ~ 40 Hz (enhanced mode), 0.5 Hz ~ 40 Hz (normal mode).
  • Internal noise level: ≤ 30μVp-p
  • Cardiac frequency measurement range: 30 lpm ~ 240 lpm
  • Cardiac frequency measurement precision: ± 2 lpm or ± 2%, what ever is the better
  • Scale shown: 5.0mm/mV ± 10%
  • Ratio of common mode rejection (CMRR): ≥60dB
  • Speed of scan waveform: 20 mm/s ± 10%
  • Entry current: ≤ 0,1 μA
  • Impedanceof entry: ≥ 5 mW (one end only)
  • Max. DC voltage input: ±300mV

Power source:

  • Protection against electrical charge type: Internal power equipment.
  • Grade of protection against electrical charge type: BF type accessories.
  • Grade of protection against liquid penetration: Ordinary equipment without protection against penetration of liquids.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: Group I, Class B.


  • LCD: Color
  • Visualization area: 70,08mm x 52,56mm

Data memory:

  • Stored data can be transferred to a computer via cable.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions: (l) 130mm x (b) 98mm x (h) 36 mm
  • Weight: 220 g (without batteries)

 Additional declaration:

  • Suppression of electrosurgical interference: Without suppression of electrosurgical interference.
  • Protection against defibrillator dischargeWithout protection against defibrillator discharge.
  • Detector for breathing or cable disconnection and active noise suppressor: The auxiliary leakage current is less than 0.1uA.
  • Calculating the average of FC per minute: the last 8 C-C intervals below the normal heart rate range.
  • Sample Rate Updates: Once/second.
  • Battery life: You can use 4 AA alkaline batteries for more than 2 hours of measurement, or 4pilas rechargeable AA NiMH (capacity less than 2200 mAh) for more than 8 hours.
  • Max. DC voltage: 300mV.

  Operating Environment:

 Working temperature: 5ºC ~ 40ºC

  • Working humidity: 30% ~ 80%
  • Atmospheric pressure: 70 kPa ~ 106 kPa

 ECG measurement:

There are 2 ways to measure ECG, including rapid measurement by electrodes integrated and long-term measurement with lead wires:

1. Integrated electrode measurement: fast and easy ECG measurement via the integrated electrodes can be done by placing the electrodes in the hand, leg and chest, respectively.

2. Measurement by external wires:
ECG signal through external wires is more stable than the manual. ECG measurement by external wires can be made by placing electrodes in the limbs or chest, respectively.


  • Portable electrocardiograph ECG.
  • Patient connection cable clip.
  • Disposable electrodes.
  • Software CD.
  • USB Data Cable.
  • AC adapter cable.
  • Cord to hang the pulse oximeter to neck.
  • User Manual.

Accessories not included:

  • 153-YYW50: ECG circular electrodes anchor clip. Pack of 25. 50 mm diameter.
  • 440-T817W: ECG Electrodes circular anchor clip. Pack of 30 units. 43 mm diameter.
  • 440-T815W: ECG Electrodes circular anchor clip. Pack of 30 units. 55 mm diameter.