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Utrustning med stötvågor SHOCK MED COMPACT

160000 kr

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Product description

ShockMed Compact shock wave unit.
Equipment for radial shock wave therapy.

Shockmed Compact is a radial shockwave device perfect for professional consulting rooms.
Its powerful, quiet and performant built-in compressor reaches a power of up to 4 bars. Ideal for portable use thanks to its compact casing with a maximum weight of approx . 6 kg.
It is a therapeutic treatment device which works with radial shockwaves and incorporates a colour touch screen 6". In addition to the preset protocols, it has an internal memory for more than 200 programmes.

Quiet and compact, Sockmed Compact weighs about 6 kg. This allows easy portability. It is especially indicated to cause local hyperemia, acting positively on the trophism and the reabsorption of edemas.

The most common conditions where shock waves can be applied are all kinds tendinopathies such as epicondylitis and epitrocleitis, patellar tendinopathies, pes anserine tendinopathies, Achilles tendinopathies, etc.


  • Equipment for radial shock waves therapies.
  • Color touch screen 6''.
  • Pressure up to 4 bars.
  • Frequency up to 15 Hz
  • Preset and user-defined protocols.
  • Internal memory to save more than 200 programmes.
  • Approx. 2 million shocks guaranteed.
  • Practical and quick application guide of shock wave therapy, based on four actions:

    • Location of treatment area;
    • Selection of the parameters of the therapy (either manually or using predefined programmes);
    • Application of the gel;
    • Start of shock wave therapy.
  • Over 40 therapeutic suggestions divided by anatomical areas and specialties.
  • Patient card: to insert patient data, treatments and a brief record.
  • Help button: each therapeutic suggestion includes indications for use.
  • One -Touch mode: allows the operator to press the switch button only once. The shocks are interrupted at the end of therapy, or when the operator presses the activation button for a pause.
  • Soft Rebound System: the counter-shock that the therapist receives has been reduced 95%, thanks to the new applicator, which includes a spring that acts as a shock-absorber.
  • Smart Card: to save user-defined treatments and patient cards.
  • 93/42/EEC

Acessories included:

  • 1  SWT Shock Med applicator.
  • 1 multifocused transmitter 9 mm.
  • 1  focused transmitter 9 mm.
  • 1 multifocused transmitter 15 mm.
  • Gel 260 ml.
  • 1 Smart Card.
  • 1  DVD user manual.