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  /    /  Audiometri, Medicinsk teknik, screening audiometer  /  Elektronisk Hälsoundersökningar audiometer bärbara digitala AudiTest

Elektronisk Hälsoundersökningar audiometer bärbara digitala AudiTest

10200 kr

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Product description

Electronica Medical AudiTest digital screening audiometer. Suitable for basic physical tests and medical check-ups especially if they are performed ouside a health centre, given that it is lightweight and portable.


AudiTest digital portable screening audiometer is one of the best options in its range. Thanks to its perfect value for money, it is considered as one of the best possible choices in the area of screening audiometers:

  • It includes a LCD display to show:

    • Frequency and intensity.
    • Stimulus mode.
    • Status of batteries.
    • Sound delivery
  • Its frequency range (11 frequencies, 125 to 8,000 Hz) and its output level (-10 to 100 db HL) are significantly wider than those of other audiometers with the same price or with lower prices.
  • Two stimulus modes: continuous or pulsed.
  • This product is supplied with high quality Sennheiser headphones, lightweight, comfortable and noise isolating.
  • Made in France.

Areas of use:

  • Especially indicated for non-specialist physicians.
  • It is suitable for health centres,  ENT specialists with private practices, mutual insurance companies and medical insurances.

Used for:

Suitable for basic physical tests and medical check-ups.

  • Especially if these tests are performed ouside a health centre (in the company facilities, outpatient clinics, licence renewal centres…).

Technical specifications:

Type 4- detection/ screening (meets or exceeds standard EN 60645-1)
Ouput Air conduction
Frequency range 125, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000 Hz
Output level range -10 to 100 db HL
Sound level pitch 5 dB
Headphones Sennheiser (light, comfortable, highly isolated)
Power supply 2 batteries 1.5V- type AA/LR06
Stimulation Continuous, pulsed sound
Accuracy Frequencies: +/- 2%; levels: +/-3 dB
Dimensions 79 x 122 x 33 mm
Total weight 600 g
Keys Silent, embossed
Automatic switch off Yes

Accessories included:

  • Carrying case.
  • High quality Sennheiser headphones highly isolated.
  • 2 batteries.
  • Mini CD with operation and maintenance instructions.


  • CE 0459.
  • Meets European Directive EN 60645-1 on audiometric equipment.

Comparative chart 935-AUDITEST vs 935-9910:

Model AudiTest 9910
Frequency range 125 – 8,000 Hz, 11 frequencies 125 – 8,000 Hz, 11 frequencies
Output level -10 to 100 dB HL -10 to 100 dB HL
Headphones Sennheiser (high quality) Sennheiser (high quality)
Accuracy Frequencies: +/-2%.
Levels: +/-3dB 
Frequencies: +/-1%
Stimulus Continuous/pulsed Continuous/pulsed
Power supply 2 batteries Rechargeable battery (optional, not included)
LCD display Yes Yes
Patient response button No Yes