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  /    /  Audiometri, Medicinsk teknik, Otoakustiska emissioner  /  Analysator av otoakustiska emissioner ERO-SCAN Diagnostic Plus DPOAE

Analysator av otoakustiska emissioner ERO-SCAN Diagnostic Plus DPOAE

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Product description

Otoacoustic emissions are sounds of cochlear origin (outer hair cells) which can be measured into the ear canal. When the sound that passes through the ear canal reaches the cochlea, the vibration stimulates thousands of tiny hair cells. This creates otoacoustic emissions that can be spotted and measured. Patient response is not needed.

Ero-Scan Diagnostic Plus test system is an effective tool for ear specialists and audiologists that provides objective information on the hearing and the middle ear state with a single test. It can identify the function of the outer hair cells in the cochlea, assess the middle ear state and differentiate between organic and non organic hearing loss. OAE are useful to examinate patients that can not be examinated with conventional methods.

  • Frequency range 1.5 to 12 KHz up to 12 test frequencies
  • User customisable parameters
  • TEOAE available as an improved quality option

The Ero-Scan database Software is a tool for data management that complements Maico Ero-Scan. It allows data transfer to a PC in order to recall, file, manage and print OAE reports. The database allows to create detailed reports in a sheet that can be filed or sent by fax easily. Furthermore, they can be saved in .PDF format or sent by e-mail.

Perfect for…

  • Audiologists
  • Physicians
  • Paediatricians
  • Programmes from birth up to 3 years
  • School programmes and Head Start
  • Baby rooms in hospitals

 OAE use

  • Monitor babies from hospital to routine checkups
  • Monitor cochlear function in patients that take potentially ototoxic drugs
  • Identifify educationally significative hearing loss 
  • Spot late hearing loss 
  • Differentiate possible cochlear or retrochoclear diseases
  • Identify loss hearing that may be simulated or non pathological
  • Identify autoinmune or sudden hearing loss
  • Provide an objective initial cochlear exam both in patients who do not cooperate and in patients with which behaviour test cannot be performed
  • Detect early signals in patients exposed to high noise levels 

Ero-Scan Plus advantages

  • No interpretation needed. The equipment is automated and will provide easy to read and easy to interpret results. Training is quick and extremely intuitive.
  • No response from the patient is necessary. Patients who do not cooperate or who speak a different language can be easily tested
  • The patented Ero-Scan noise algorithm allows for reliable testing in background noise as high as 70 dB, which means fewer false refer results
  • Testing takes less than 30 seconds per ear.
  • Ero-Scan contains memory to store 250 tests.
  • The handheld unit is rechargeable with a minimum of 1000 tests before recharging and allows the user to move from one room to another. The remote probe makes it easy to maneuver around the head of your patient to attain a tight ear seal.
  • Database software included
  • The database integrates data into HITRACK or OZ

Technical specifications:

Measurement type:

  • Distorsion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE)
  • Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions (TEOAE)

Frequency range:

  • DPOAE: 1.5 KHz to 12.0 KHz
  • TEOAE: 0.7 KHz to 4.0 KHz

Stimulus intensity range:

  • DPOAE: 40 dB SPL to 70 dB SPL
  • TEOAE: 83 dB SPL peak equivalent (±3 dB)

Microphone system noise:

  • -20 dB SPL at 2 KHz (1 Hz bandwidth)
  • -13 dB SPL at 1 KHz (1 Hz bandwidth)

Probe dimensions and weight:

  • Length: 1 meter (40 inches)
  • Weight: 28g (1 oz)

Unit dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 6.5 x 3.1 x 14.7 cm (2.58 x 1.23 x 5.78 inches)
  • Weight: 180 g (6.4 oz)

Power supply:

  • Lithium-Ion rechargeable

Battery life:

  • Minimum 1000 tests per charge
  • 20 hours on-time

User interface:

  • OLED display to provide information on the measurement progress
  • 4-button keypad to control the unit

Connectors / communication:

  • Built-in USB to charge the battery and communicate with PC-based database programmes 
  • Built-in HDMI connector for Bluetooth connection in Class 2 Micro-Probe + EDR with SPP protocols for communication with optional printer


  • IEC 60601-1 according to medical device directive 93/42/EEC

Standard accessories:

  • Device with rechargeable battery
  • Eartip set
  • Replacement probe tubes
  • Case
  • PC software incl. database 
  • Power supply

Optional accessories:

  • Ref. 039-MO8102398   Eartip box (146 pieces) different sizes
  • Ref. 039-MO8102397   Eartip box (80 pieces) for newborn
  • Ref. 039-MO8110385   Ero-Scan carrying case
  • Ref. 039-MO8111016   Ero-Scan printer with batteries
  • Ref. 039-MO8110381   Pack with 5 thermosensitive paper rolls

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