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  /    /  Medicinsk teknik  /  Apparat för automatisk medveten sedering Master Flux Möbelversion

Apparat för automatisk medveten sedering Master Flux Möbelversion

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Product description

Apparatus for automatically controlling sedation flows .


  • Sedation is a widespread technique for years in the United States, Canada and several European countries .
  • The controlled delivery of oxygen and nitrous oxide inhalation , induces a feeling of relaxation , reducing the emotional , pain perception and anxiety state , increasing patient treatability and facilitating their collaboration with the physician , however keeping unchanged protective reflexes .
  • It should be recalled that sedation does not cause side effects and contraindications has only generic .
  • The device meets the requirements of EN 60204 product stability.

FURNITURE version ( ref. 048- 1600AS ) :
For the patient without visual impact and negative psychological , has designed an elegant piece of furniture that can hold bottles of oxygen and nitrous oxide with the relative reducers and connections .
The cabinet finish is RAL 9002 , equipped with wheels and instrument holder laminate surface . Inside is a compartment for storing bottles of 5 , 10 and 14 liters.
On the front you will find the accommodation for fluxométrica box , equipped with accessories.

Dimensions and weight:

    Dimensions: 460 x 1182 x 442 mm (W x H x D )
Weight: 42 Kg

Supplied with :

    Fluxométrica box .
Ball control breathing .
1 circuit with adult mask .
1 circuit with child mask .
1 OX reducer tube and free .
1 reducing N2O tube and free .

Version WALL ( ref. 048- 1601AS ) :
This version is equipped with extendable arm , links for connecting murals gases fluxométrica box and standard accessories.
Allows for a system in each working position , centralizing gas supply . If the device is not used simultaneously, it is sufficient to place the boom and jacks near each working position and box fluxométrica move from one position to another .
This solution ensures flexibility and economic savings.

Dimensions and weight:

    Dimensions: 230 x 379 x 400 mm (W x H x D )
Weight: 5 kg

Supplied with :

    Fluxométrica box .
Ball control breathing .
1 circuit with adult mask .
1 circuit with child mask .
1 OX reducer .
1 reducing N2O.
1 plate with sockets .
1 articulated arm.

Fluxométrica Box :
Fluxométrica box is a sophisticated mechanical engineering project delivery system by automatic proportioning .
He has chosen you as mechanical method of gas management is "direct" and therefore is not subject to other " drivers " electronic or electrical . In this way a product is obtained with high precision, highly reliable and simple to use .
Presents technical features that make it extremely versatile . It has effective safety devices that leave no margin for error and therefore impossible to have a negative effect on the patient.


    Blocking the flow of N2O when O2 pressure is zero (no oxygen )
Minimum oxygen concentration . Oxygen is always present in the proportion of 30% , thus avoiding the dangers of Hypoxia and anoxia .
A special valve prevents expired gases back to the circuit. In addition , a special device to breathe room air in the absence of gas.


    Pressing the O2 device block the flow of N2O supplying 100% oxygen control both the ball and the patient treated.


    The system has been studied so that the flow management is simple and fast . In fact, with the O2 flow control establish the flow in liters per minute required by the patient based on the respiratory volume . The adjustment knob allows the percentage of nitrous oxide can be regulated automatically supplied from 0 to 70 %


    The columns indicate the flows are constructed for quick and easy reading of values.


    The links are mounted on the rear of the box fluxométrica and have multiple connections, to avoid the possibility of confusing the tubes of the two gases. One more thing to increase the safety of the device.

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