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Spektrofotometer Serie 4200 Modell 4201/50

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Product description

The 4211/20 spectrophotometers is ideal for use in research laboratories as it allows the realization of qualitative analysis (measurements of absorbance and transmittance) and quantitative (concentration calculation) in the visible range and UV-visible respectively.

  • Large LCD screen (128×64 bits) for easy reading, which shows the results of different measurements and the concentration curves and their equations.
  • Memory that can store up to 200 absorbance and transmittance data. The memory can also save and recall up to 200 different standard curves proving very useful in testing samples of the same nature and speeding up daily in the laboratory.
  • Careful selection of wavelength using the keyboard work.
  • The tungsten and deuterium lamps (model 4211/50) can turn on and off independently to extend the shelf life.
  • Sample compartment with manual external exchanger that can hold up to 4 cells of 10 mm light path.
  • Application software that provides total control and management functions from a computer and spectrophotometer which allows the production of enzyme kinetic curves.

1. Basic mode: measurement of absorbance and transmittance at a given wavelength.
2. Quantitative way: calculating the concentration of different samples from the equation of a standard curve (C = K • A + b). Two methods:
a. Coefficient: the value of KYB coefficients of the equation are introduced directly through the keyboard.
b. Standard curve: to use up to 9 standard samples to establish the standard curve equation.

Reference 052-54211020 052-54211050
Model 4211/20 4211/50
Long range. Wave 325-1000 nm! 200-1000 nm
Bandwidth 4 nm 4 nm
Optics Single beam, grating 1200 líneas/mm Single beam, grating 1200 lines / mm
Accuracy long. Wave ± 1 nm ± 1 nm
Reproducibility long. wave 0.5 nm 0.5 nm
Long resolution. wave 1 nm 1 nm
Photometric range -0,097 To 2.5 A, 0 to 125% T -0,097 To 2.5 A, 0 to 125% T
Photometric Accuracy ± 0.5% T ± 0.5% T
Photometric reproducibility ± 0.3% T ± 0.3% T
Diffuse-light! 0.3% T 0.3% T
Stability ± 0.002 A / h at 500 nm! ± 0.002 A / h at 500 nm
Light source Tungsten lamp! Tungsten lamp
Detector Silicon photodiode! Silicon photodiode
Sample compartment 4 cells standard 10-mm light path! 4 cells standard 10 mm light path
Output USB and parallel (printer) USB and parallel (printer)
Food AC 220 V / 50 Hz AC 220 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions 470x370x180 mm 470x370x180 mm
Weight 12 Kg 12 Kg

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