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  /    /  Labmaterial, Shakers  /  Inkubator med skak 60-300 rpm Utan kylning

Inkubator med skak 60-300 rpm Utan kylning

119000 kr

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Product description

The incubation chambers are compact with stirring and robust ideal for continuous work for hours. The temperature inside the chamber is regulated by a forced air system with high uniformity, are very effective for bacterial culture in microbiology laboratories, food analysis, quality control, etc.. The operation of equipment is based on the orbital motion of the platform on which to place numerous flasks. The computer program allows the speed, temperature and operating time using a simple and accessible digital control panel. Each machine is manufactured in a compact cabinet, depending on model, have tempered glass door swing door or epoxy coated metal double reinforced glass window. Both models allow the visualization of the samples from outside the team without having to open the door, which alter the temperature of the inner enclosure.

Reference 50640011
Model 640/11
Temperature range RT +5 º C to / to 60 º C
Stability temp. ± 0.5 º C
Speed Range 60-300 rpm
Range time 0-999 hours
Size agitation 26 mm
Platform agitation 920×500 mm
Furniture Epoxy coated metal
Swing door Metallic with window
Food 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 65x120x80 cm
Weight 148 kg

The induction motor, maintenance-free, has a threefold
protection mechanism:
– Faced with overheating.
– Faced with abnormal movements of the platform agitation.
– Disconnect device for automatic stop motion
orbital shaking platform at the door.

Settings as user

The platform has numerous holes Multiadapter agitation for flasks. The adapters are not included in the kit (see accessories) to allow each user to configure the cameras of incubation with agitation for their own needs. The capacity of each team is:
– Model 640: 9×500 or 12×250 mL mL mL or 20×50 or 16×100 mL
– Model 641: 6×1000 mL mL 12×500 or 20×100 or 16×250 mL mL
– Models 640 / 1 and 641 / 1: 24×1000 mL mL or 28×500 or 38×250 or 52×100 mL mL