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  /    /  Labmaterial, Refraktometer  /  Refraktometer med tre universalskalor 1.333-1.515 Nd

Refraktometer med tre universalskalor 1.333-1.515 Nd

5050 kr

Artikelnr: 46795-1 Kategorier: ,

Product description

Refractometers are universal devices easy to use and very useful to know the concentration of dissolved solids or the refractive index (depending on model) from aqueous solutions. Both models can analyze a large variety of samples due to have three scales that cover a wide range of measurement.
Made of aluminum, have a great strength and durability, and are equipped with an eyepiece with diopter compensation to adjust to the different view of each user. A simple mechanism to select the scale that you want to work while an additional input of light, which can be open or closed, always ensures optimum illumination of the sample. A thermometer attached to the device allows een know any time the temperature measurement to make the necessary corrections.
Each model is supplied in padded case for perfect storage.

reference 052-50308090 052-50301090
range 1333-1520 nD 0-90% Brix
precision 0.0005 nd 0.2%
scales 1333-1400 nD 0-42%
1400-1470 nD 42-71%
1.470-1520 nD 71-90%
size 37x34x200 mm 37x34x200 mm
weight 600g 600g

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