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Klinisk refraktometer i metall

1390 kr

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Product description

Hand-held refractometers are very simple and manageable devices that provide insight elporcentaje concentration of total dissolved solids in a sample (aqueous solution).
Can measure a wide range of samples, such as sugar content of fruit juice concentrates, condensed milk, carbonated beverages, wine, industrial oils, jam, egg yolk proteins in serum, urine specific gravity, water, salt, etc.
Its small size and ease of use allows your application anywhere, whether in the laboratory and outdoors, for field work or routine inspections.
Available in metal body and plastic body of high quality (ECO) with optional Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).

Clinical refractometer

Model has three scales, the first for proteins in serum, the second indicates the specific gravity of urine and the third refractive index. Calibration was performed with distilled water, matching the line of separation with the 1333 value of the refractive index scale.
Range: 0-12 g / dl serum Prtoteínas
Accuracy: 1000-1040 Specific weight, 1,333 to 1,360 nD, 0.2 g / dl, 0.002, 0.005 nD
Dimensions: 27x40x160 mm