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  /    /  Labmaterial, Pipetter  /  Multikanalpipett med 12 kanaler 2-20 UL

Multikanalpipett med 12 kanaler 2-20 UL

3490 kr

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Product description

  • Automatic pipettes Digipette professional series are precise, robust and fully ergonomic useful for dispensing small volumes of fluid in routine laboratory techniques. Using air displacement produced by the piston to press the button to dispense small amounts of liquid without it coming into contact with the pipette, only come into contact with disposable plastic tips.
  • The following characteristics that make them instruments of high quality and precision.
  • Made of high quality materials that give them durability and high resistance. Fully autoclavable, are ideal for molecular biology laboratories, cell culture, microbiology, etc.
  • Ergonomics and low weight high to avoid fatigue after long periods of use. Its special design allows gentle handling with one hand.
  • Operation with two buttons: one for aspiration and dispensing volume and one for removal of the tip (except variable-volume model of 1000-5000 mL). This prevents contact of the tip with one hand preventing contamination.
  • The volume adjustment knob features a locking mechanism to ensure high precision pipetting (valid only for pipetasde variable volume).
  • Easy calibration technique by the user by following the step by step instructions in the manual.
  • Color coding for easy identification of pipettes and indicates the type of points that should be used with each model.
  • The greatly facilitate multichannel liquid handling to work with microtiter plates in immunology, biochemistry, clinical diagnosis and food analysis. They are especially suitable for the transfer of samples in dilution series and to perform the washing steps. To work in the most favorable angle with respect to the microtiter plate, the portion of the tips are free to rotate 360 degrees with respect to the body.
  • For use with yellow tips (ref. 052-46622022).
Reference Volume Canales! (%) Precision Accuracy (%)
052-66636120 2-20 mL 12 ± 0.6-1.5-<2.50-0.40
052-66636220 20-200 mL 12 ± 2.5-1.0-<1.25-0.50