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Digital pH-mätare. Modell 903

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Product description

digital ph meter.

Model 903

The meter 903 is a complete desktop that allows us, in a quick and easy measurements of pH and temperature compensated electrochemical potential (mV) from aqueous solutions, and finds application in many fields: environment , biotechnology, food, pharmaceuticals / cosmetics, petrochemical and general chemical.
Among its features we can highlight:
– Large LCD display easy to understand and read.
– Measurement functions of temperature compensated pH and electric potential (mV) with automatic polarity indicator (+/-).
– Temperature selector keyboard solution.
– Automatic detection of standard buffer (4.00, 6.86 and 9.18 pH).
– Allows use of pH electrodes or so-called ion-selective electrodes (ISE). The team does not include electrodes.

digital pH meter, measuring pH and electrical potential
0 to 14.00 pH Range
Range 0-1900 mV mV
Does not include electrode
Buffer pH buffers 4.00, 6.86, 9.18 Ref 90900000
Electrodes with plastic body:
Nos 90900218, 90900219, 90900900, 90900901
Glass bodied electrodes:
Nos 90900651, 90900652, 90900953, 90900955
63245001 Electrode holder

Model 907

digital pH meter based desktop microprocessor technology and designed for measurements of pH, electrical potential (mV) and temperature (see technical specifications). The device has an LCD screen that appear simultaneously in the pH (or mV) and temperature of the solution analyzed, and also has memorable to store up to 50 readings.
To facilitate and expedite the work of analysis, pH and electric potential are determined simultaneously using a single combination electrode.
The team also has a temperature sensor for the determination of this parameter, and a mechanism for automatic temperature compensation (ranging from 0 to 100 º C) to ensure proper and accurate measurement of pH and electric potential.
Calibration is automatic with manual setting option and can be done in one or two points depending on the requirements of measurement accuracy, following the clear instructions on the screen of the device.
The meter also comes with three calibration standard solutions (pH 4.0, 6.86 and 9.18).
In addition to the benefits listed above, the 907 digital pH meter Nahita has a RS232 interface and software for transmitting data to the computer, which together with its easy and simple operation makes this device an ideal instrument undoubtedly use in quality control laboratories.

PH range: 0.00/14.00
Potential range: -1999/1999 mV
Temperature Range: 0 / 100 º C
With CAT
Does not include electrode

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