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  /    /  Labmaterial, Mikroskop, Stereomikroskop med zoom  /  Stereomikroskop zoom 7x…45x Trinokulär med bas för upphängning

Stereomikroskop zoom 7x…45x Trinokulär med bas för upphängning

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Product description

7x 45x zoom stereo microscope.

With a common optical system, consisting of binocular and trinocular heads with zoom lens, the four models are the best choice to get professional results.
Different accessories allow a wide range of possibilities to configure the instrument broadening its application range.


  • Heads: Binocular or trinocular, inclined 45º and rotating 360º.
  • Interpupillary distance: Adjustable between 51 and 75 mm.
  • Diopter: Adjustable on both eyepieces (binocular or trinocular).
  • Eyepiece: EWF10x/20 mm
  • Objective: Parfocal achromatic objective 1X; zoom range 0.7x…4.5 x (zoom factor 6,428:1).
  • Stage: Fitted with a black disc and a white disc for contrast; frosted glass disc for transmitted light.
  • Focusing: By means of a rack and pinion controlled by a pair of knobs placed on both sides of the stereomicroscope.
  • Pillar stand: diameter 30 mm, height 25 cm, base 26 x 20 x 6h cm.
  • Overhanging stand: height 42 cm, 23×23 cm base, horizontal arm length 45 cm.
  • Illumination: Dual illuminator adjustable for transmitted and reflected light, two halogen bulbs 12V/15W provided. Intensity control with two knobs on the right side of the base. The illumination angle in reflected light is adjustable.

Technical characteristics:

Models Head Objectives Support Lighting
520-SZM-1 Binocular 0.7 …. 4.5x Zoom Pillar stand Incident and transmitted 12V/15W halogen
520-SZM-2 Trinocular 0.7 …. 4.5x Zoom Pillar stand Incident and transmitted 12V/15W halogen
520-SZM-3 Binocular 0.7 …. 4.5x Zoom Overhanging stand ———–
520-SZM-4 Trinocular 0.7 …. 4.5x Zoom Overhanging stand ———–

Optional accessories:

  • Ref: 520-ST-081: Eyepieces (pair) WF10x/20 mm
  • Ref: 520-ST-082:Eyepieces (pair) WF15x/15 mm
  • Ref: 520-ST-083: Eyepieces (pair) WF20x/10 mm
  • Ref: 520-ST-084: Eyepiece micrometer WF10x/20 mm
  • Ref: 520-ST-085: Additional lens 0.5x
  • Ref: 520-ST-086: Additional lens 1.5x
  • Ref: 520-ST-087: Additional lens 2x
  • Ref: 520-ST-089: Reflex camera adapter
  • Ref: 520-ST-090: C-Mount adapter for 1/3" sensor)
  • Ref: 520-ST-090.1: C-Mount adapter for 1/2" sensor)


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