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  /    /  Labmaterial, Mikroskop, Stereomikroskop med fast- och roterande huvud  /  Stereomikroskop med fast huvud – lutas i efterhand 45 ° Impact och trans, objektiv 2x-4x

Stereomikroskop med fast huvud – lutas i efterhand 45 ° Impact och trans, objektiv 2x-4x

3400 kr


Product description

Fixed Head Stereomicroscope – then tilted 45 °

  • Platina equipped with black and white disk contrast to sample clamps. In all models with transmitted light includes a frosted glass disc.
  • Interpupillary distance: it possesses a system of regulation the interpupillary distance (between 51 and 75 mm). Compensation is adjustable diopter eyepiece tubes.
  • Optics: Eye WF10x/20 mm wide field. With the help of eye and additional targets may obtain up to 80 increases.
  • Lighting: The lighting models with incident or transmitted light, have 12V/10W tungsten lamps. 230V/50Hz power supply.
  • Focus: The focus adjustment is by rack and pinion system with the use of knobs located on both sides of the bracket.
Technical characteristics:
Models ”! Head Objective Illuminators
520-S-20-L Fixed – then bent 45 ° Fixed-2x! Only incident
520-S-20-2L Fixed – then bent 45 ° Fixed-2x! Incident and transmitted
ST-520-30B-2L Fixed – then bent 45 ° Selectable 1x-3x Incident and transmitted
520-ST-30-2LR Fixed – then bent 45 ° Selectable 2x-4x Incident and transmitted
Optional accessories:
  • Ref: 520-ST-001: Pair of Eye WF5x/22mm
  • Ref: 520-ST-002: Pair of Eye WF10x/20mm
  • Ref: 520-ST-003: Pair of Eye WF15x/15mm
  • Ref: 520-ST-004: Pair of Eye WF20x/13mm
  • Ref: 520-ST-005: Ocular micrometer WF10x/20 mm