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  /    /  Labmaterial, Mikroskop, Professionella mikroskop  /  Professionell, serie 122, akromatisk Binokulär modell 122/107

Professionell, serie 122, akromatisk Binokulär modell 122/107

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Product description

122 Series professional microscope has high performance and high ergonomics for everyday work to a really interesting price, these features, along with the versatility that provides the set of available accessories make the number 122 in the equipment of choice in laboratories research hospitals and universities and other fields of application.
This series is divided into teams:
– Optics universal infinity corrected achromatic plane for applications requiring greater and more precise image quality.
– Optics achromatic standard for routine applications.


Robust and stable teams have a number of features to make everyday work more comfortable and reduce fatigue after long periods of observation:
– Siedentopf binocular type, rotating 360 degrees and tilted 30 degrees to accommodate the natural head position and avoid awkward and tiring position.
– Eyepiece Holder left with dioptric correction mechanism and regulation interpupillary (55-75 mm) for drift-free, can be adapted to the characteristics of any user and making this microscope ideal instrument for laboratories with multiple invetigadores and users.
– Control of translation of the plate in lower position and easily accessible to keep their arms at any time resting on the table and adopt a relaxed posture.
– Revolver quad inclined inwards leaving more work space for the user. Thus the placement and change of goals is made easier and the user can switch preaparación or mark regions of interest more easily.
– Relamping easy and comfortable to carry, simply remove the unit of the field diaphragm to enter the compartment where the bulb and change it without difficulty.


– Coaxial controls on both sides of the stand for coarse and fine focus ring bearing friction and locking lever upper limit of approach to prevent accidental shock preparing the targets. The fine focus knobs are graduates.
– Platina large (180×150 mm) with 75×50 mm travel with graduated scales on both axes to locate structures of interest.
– Pizzas to accommodate two standard-sized preparations at the same time making it ideal for observation and comparison of specular or serial sections without changing continuously preparation.
– Köhler illumination system for optimum light intensity due to the presence of diaphragms in both the precondenser graduates as in the condenser it possible to obtain clear images, crisp and bright.
– Condenser centering mechanism more convenient and accurate, ensuring optimum illumination and visualization of samples.


– 4x, alpha (N.A.: 0.10)
– 10x, alpha (N.A.: 0.25)
– 40x, alpha (R) (N.A.: 0.65)
– 100x, alpha (R) (N.A.: 1.25)

Reference 052-50122107 052-50122108
Optical Standard Standard
Head Binocular Trinocular
Eye WF/10x (18 mm and 11mm) WF/10x (18 mm and 11 mm)
Eye-diameter! 23 mm 23 mm
Objectives Achromatic (antigúngicos) Achromatic (antigúngicos)
Platina Mechanics double bed-180×150 mm! Mechanics double bed, 180×150 mm
Lighting Köhler-type! Type Köhler
Capacitor ABBE, with aperture diaphragm and filter ABBE, with aperture diaphragm and filter holder
Precondenser In-field diaphragm! With field diaphragm
Lamp Halogen low voltage, 20W Low voltage halogen, 20W

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