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  /    /  Labmaterial, Mikroskop, Professionella mikroskop  /  Pedagogiskt mikroskop för coobservation. 2 binokulärer 2 binokulära modell 204

Pedagogiskt mikroskop för coobservation. 2 binokulärer 2 binokulära modell 204

17200 kr

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Product description

Microscopes for coobservación ideal for training in small groups or sharing of data and research group meetings. Pentacabezal The microscope is equipped with a pointer intensity LED with potentiometer in the same command that allows to point out areas of interest to be easily identifiable by coobservadores. Equipped with coaxial controls on both sides to approach macro and micrometric, are equipped with a friction control ring and a locking lever upper limit of approach, thus avoiding the possibility that the slide accidentally hit the target. Adjustable interpupillary distance and diopter correction. The gun is quadruple with achromatic objectives and Abbe type condenser with double lens, numerical aperture of 1.25 and height adjustable by a rack and pinion mechanism. They are also equipped mobile holder that includes two filters, green and blue and iris diaphragm to regulate the opening by rotating disc. The deck, dimensions 130×140 mm, moves through vertical coaxial controls located in a lowered position and allow a 75 (X) x 50 (Y) mm. To facilitate the location of specimens in a sample, along the axes of ordinate and abscissa have two graduated scales with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

 Reference 052-50100204 052-50100153
 Headers 2 Binocular 2 Monocular
1 Binocular
 Eye WF-10x! 10x WF
 Stir Quad Quad
  4x (N.A.: 0.10) 4x (N.A.: 0.10)
  10x (N.A.: 0.25) 10x (N.A.: 0.25)
  40x (R) (N.A.: 0.65) 40x (R) (N.A.: 0.65)
  100x (R) (I) (N.A.: 1.25) 100x (R) (I) (N.A.: 1.25)
 Objectives Achromatic (antifungal) Achromatic (antifungal)
 Capacitor Abbe (N.A.: 1.25) with iris and filter Abbe (N.A.: 1.25) and filter diaphragm
 Halogen bulb 6V-20W! 6V 20W