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Monokulärt polarisationsmikroskop Modell 501

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Product description

Polarized light microscopes are used to observe birefringence substances. These instruments have a crystal polroide, called polarizer, under the stage that transmits light polarized NS, and another named analyzer, mounted in the tube above the plate, which transmits only light vibrating EO. When two polarizers are crossed (at 90 ° between sic), extinguished the light generated by the first polarizer and do not see anything, but if the sample birrefigencia is detected and the structure birefringence lights on a dark background.
Similarly, polarizing microscopes equipped with Bertrand lens slider to bring the field of view of the substance of the eye plane birefringence and also have an accessory slot for the insertion of accessory plates, compensating, between the eyepiece and objectives. Each unit is supplied with: gypsum board (1 l), mica plate (1 / 4 l) and quartz wedge, inserted at 45 ° of the preferred vibration directions of the polarizer and analyzer.
They are widely used in petrology and mineralogy, for transparent minerals. In the laboratory of histology and pathology, allows certain diagnostic applications because many crystal structures, pigments, lipids, proteins, bone deposits, amyloid deposits etc. have birefringence.

Reference 50171501
Head Monocular inclined 30 °, interpupillary distance adjustment (50-75 mm) and diopter correction
Eye 1 mm graduated ocular WF10x/20
Revolver! Triple
4x A.N.: 0.10
10x A.N.: 0.25
40x (R) A.N.: 0.65
Objectives Achromatic
Polarizer Swivel 360 º
Analyzer Swivel 90 º
Bertrand lens! Slide the optical line
Accessory plates ”! Plasterboard plate, mica and quartz wedge
Platina Circular 160 mm and 360 º swivel
Capacitor ABBE iris rotation
Lamp Halogen 12V, 30W. AC 85 V