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  /    /  Labmaterial, Mikroskop, Mikroskop för utbildning  /  Monokulärt mikroskop, 3 objektiv, mikrometrisk kontroll 120×110 mm

Monokulärt mikroskop, 3 objektiv, mikrometrisk kontroll 120×110 mm

1300 kr

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Product description

Student Biological Microscope

This microscope is designed to familiarize yourself with all components and learn their management in an easy and fast. Used primarily in teaching at both primary and secondary.
Both stand as the stand are made of cast iron, resulting in a solid support suitable for use by little hands used to working with precision optical instruments.

Mechanical Components

Base: horseshoe-shaped, cast that gives it strength and stability rests on it around the microscope. Is equipped with tilt hinge allows the top for comfort on the observation.
Stand: metal arched supports both the plate and tube and is attached at the bottom of the foot.
Stage: is the place where you put the preparation we want to observe the latter being held by forceps phones. It has a central, circular opening through which light rays pass. Its shape is square and measures are 110 x 120 mm and is resistant to acids and reagents.
Tube: it is installed in the optical system. At its top is the eye, at the bottom is the nosepiece revolver. Mechanical tube length is 160 mm.
Revolver nosepiece interchangeable.
Focusing controls: two controls, macro and micro, that allow us to focus on the sample and on both sides of the stand.
The macro command focuses the image and the micro control focuses on the subject more accurately. The approach is performed by moving the pipe rack and pinion.

Optical components

Ocular: Formed by two lenses, whose mission is to bring the image from the lens to the eye. Acts as a magnifying glass with the picture given by the lens.
Objectives: Achromatic DIN 35. Are converging lens, located at the bottom of the gun. The bottom lens of the objective lens is called foreground and it will depend on the degree of enlargement. Behind this lens is others who are correcting the aberration of light. Should be treated carefully, since any shock can vary the position of the lens and displace them.

Technical Specifications

Mechanical tube length: 160 mm.
Metal stand and walk very stable.
Focus: macro and micro movement of the tube rack and pinion.
Lighting by concave mirror of 50 mm.
Packing: Wooden case
Dimensions: 36x18x25 cm.

Optical Characteristics
”WORKING DISTANCE! 16.00 mm 7.63 mm 0.53 mm
NUMERICAL-OPENING! 0.10 0.25 0,65
RESOLUTION 360 900 2.340
Included accessories:

1 16X eyepiece
1 10X eyepiece
Objectives 4X, 10X and 40 X (R)
Instruction Manual