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Automatisk vattenrenare Kjeldahl "PRO-NITRO A"

184000 kr


Product description

Steam distillation system Kjeldahl with automated assessment system “ON-LINE” (evaluation in real time). For systematic precise analysis, with minimum personnel intervention, simple and safe. Adequate for a laboratory with a medium to large volume of samples.

The Kjeldahl steam distillation unit «PRO-NITRO A» evaluates the distillation at the same time that it is produced ( evaluation «On-Line»), assessment and distillation are one operation, reducing drastically the analysis time. This type of evaluation offers the following additional advantages: it detects the point where the sample no longer produces Nitrogen, which means that the distillation stops at the right moment thus guaranteeing that the distillation time is the best to obtain the maximum nitrogen recovery and that the distillation time is not longer than necessary.

The colorimetry method and is accepted by AOAC and does not require any periodic calibration.


  • Distillation by steam generation.
  • Automatic «On-line» colorimetric evaluation.
  • Steam generator with safety thermostat, over temperature and over pressure device.
  • Safety system that prevents distillation if the door is open.
  • Detects presence of digestion/distillation tube. This prevents the dosing of NaOH if there is no tube.
  • Universal adapter for MACRO (Ø 42 mm) and MICRO (Ø 26 mm) distillation tubes.
  • Space saving in the laboratory: the reservoirs for the H2O, NaOH, Boric Acid and HCl are located inside the unit.
  • Empties the digestion/distillation tubes and the collector automatically.
  • Automatic stop when distillation is complete.
  • Large LCD display of 20 x 4 characters.
  • RS232 output to print the results.
  • Main system made of stainless steel with an ABS plastic front.
  • Alarms of low water level for the steam generator, safety door open or no distillation/digestion tube in place and steam generator over temperature.


  • Start and stop the cooling water supply in line with the distillation process.
  • Dosing of Boric Acid.
  • Dosing of NaOH once the distillation has started.
  • NaOH and Boric Acid volume selection.
  • «On-line» evaluation of distillation process.
  • Auto detection of the end of the distillation process.
  • Special functions to maximise performance.
  • Special functions for maintenance.


All the reagents used in the «PRO-NITRO A» are easily located:
– Solution of 30-40% NaOH.
– Solution of Boric Acid at 1% concentration ( approx.) with mixed indicator (Bromo-cresol green and methyl red in the right proportion).
– Titration reagents: HCl or H2SO4 from 0.05N to 0.25N adjusted up to 0.001 of normality.


  • Excellent precision of results.
  • Complete Nitrogen recovery of the sample.
  • Minimum operator intervention.
  • No calibration required.
  • Minimum analysis time.


The results sent to the printer (Optional), are valid for GLP system, and include the following data:
– Consecutive unrepeatable I.D. number of analysis.
– Date and time.
– Volume of NaOH.
– Volume of Boric acid.
– Reagent normality.
– Consumed volume of reagent.
– Nitrogen detected.


Measuring range: 0.2 to 200 mg Nitrogen.
Nitrogen recovery: > 99.5%
Distillation speed: from 35 to 45 ml/minute
Coolant water consumption: 80 to 100 litres per hour.
Steam generator water consumption: 2.5 Litre/Hr.
Steam generator water reservoir capacity: 6 litres.
NaOH reservoir capacity: 2 Litres.
Boric Acid reservoir capacity: 2 Litres.
Titrant reagent reservoir capacity: 2 Litres.
Evaluation precision: 1.5%
Minimum reagent dose: 0.01ml.
Height / Width / Depth cm 75x50x50
Power W 1800
Weight Kg 38